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    Hello just located this forum. I built a Hedley Nicol Wanderer 35 foot trimaran in 1966-1969 for cruising when young. Started a business and stopped sailing it in 1986 and left idle. Now retired will restore it for some more good sailing. During its layup years winches and fittings were stolen from it so some extras now to replace but have all sailing gear in storage. Hiawarra was boat name, was New Guinea pigin english for highwater when I worked there. It was a great sailing machine in early days and outsailed all the deep keelers in the Adelaide South Australia area. Sad to see it neglected but have time to make it nice. My brother who helped build it too now end of life with a sudden terminal neurological brain condition, will sail it again for him. Some photos before restoration begins

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    Hey cheers!
    Welcome to the forum, Nicols are great boats. Nice to hear from a original builder and glad you are pulling it out of mothballs. Looks like you have the long amas. I haven't heard of any structural issues with Wanderers, the cruising scantlings were up to the task. Keep posting the revival, the Nicol plan thread has lots of info from a variety of places and there are owners of the Vagabond MK2, Cavalier, Buccaneer, and Wanderer here as well, some with their own threads.
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    Welcome to the forum, great to see one of these classic Nicols being restored, look forward to following your progress.
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    Thanks guys, nice to have some encouragement for the project. Will get it started soon as have some time as my brother is the priority at present. Building in 1966 the main hull was three layers of diagonal planked 3/16 ply, floats 2 layers and used 37000 monel staples with air stapler on scuba tank to hold glue when bonding, save pulling them out as do not rust. Planking was resorcinal glued and fiberglass sheathed. Fins on this design made good into wind performance. I will flip it over and reglass the hulls after preparation before redoing topsides again with cabin mods. Had 25HP outboard for less engine maintenance, and tiller steering for more feel, no wheelhouse to keep it light and trimmed, 35 foot laminated timber mast and booms. Have all original plans so just need to make the effort. I am a glider pilot too, have 3 nice gliders for sky sailing in good weather.

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    Welcome to the forum! Good luck with the restoration! I lost my younger brother in 2012 and I know how tough it is.
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