nice running boards!

Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by BWD, Apr 30, 2007.

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    Couldn't resist, maybe should be in "stability" discussion though. At any rate I saw this on SA and was utterly confused:

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  2. kapnD
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    He must have been really haulin when he ran over that catamaran!
  3. Bergalia
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    Nice running boards

    Reminds me of the ill-fated Donald Campbell Bluebird.

    By the way, can only see two of the 'Seven Sisters'....:p
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  4. alan white
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    Another boat built from EBAY parts for less than $1000.00

    Stable? Yes, seven makes a stable. Two isn't even a bevy.

  5. messabout
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    Must be a Subaru. The Pleides are often called seven sisters and Subaru is said to be a Japanese word for Pleides but their badge has only five stars.??? Scuse me, this commentary might be caused by my rum toddies.
  6. charmc
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    He's a student of the James Wharram School of Dating:

    "Excuse me, ladies. I've built this here boat, I know it looks a bit weird, but it floats and its pretty stable, good for partying. I was wondering if you ladies wouldn't mind taking off most of your clothes, actually, if you took them all off, that'd be OK, too, and going sailing with me...?"
  7. Trevlyns
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    Here's a thought... Training wheels! :D
  8. alan white
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    Yeah, I know. What does plywood, no chines, and Polynesian bows and decoration have to do with taking your top off?
    Gord bless'm, though. He figured out how to make the connection appear quite natural.
    "All aboard! Ladies, um, er, this IS South-seas kinda plywood boat with no chines! Get the picture??"

  9. longliner45
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    you boys aint right ,,,longliner
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