News from the 2011 Sydney to Hobart

Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by rwatson, Dec 29, 2011.

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    A happy New Year to all in FNQ, look out for falling coconuts. :D
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    G'day & thanks M-F - have hard hat on now. Am adding the meat & milk to the cruched pineapple, crushed ice & either Mt.Gay rum or Vodka / or both to make a - tropical fruit punch as is the subject in - froums at this festive season. Great idea & fab site. Ciao james &

    YES - The best to everyone. Ciao again, james PS Have 6 coconut trees in my bakcyard & 20 or so pineapples + lychees by the 20ltr tin & Strawberry mangoes. Gota be a great 'sundowner' in there somewhere. jj
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    I've been involved with RC sailboats and helicopters for years-some of us were conceiving of satellite control way back then(early 80's)-but its here and
    everything you suggested is possible now!

    Picture-1) first production RC spinnaker boats-1995, 2) Video Piloted RC heli-1984:

    click on image-

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  4. Paul B

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    I think you are the one who needs to get his facts right. There is no mention of a headsail at any time during the conversation.

    Coxon asks if WOXI has a trysail up. The pilot evades answering. Coxon then asks what color the mainsail is.

    The reason he asked the 2nd question is this: If the mainsail was damaged it would have been taken down and replaced with the Trysail. The colour is important because the trysail would have been a different colour (probably orange) than the mainsail (grey) and the "non-sailor" pilot would be able to see that without knowing anything about sailboats. FYI, a trysail is not a headsail. It is a sail that is flown in place of the mainsail in survival conditions.

    You can hear the audio here:
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