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Discussion in 'Software' started by pdavidson, Aug 15, 2005.

  1. pdavidson
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    pdavidson New Member

    I have a table of offsets and the hull lines - is it possible to enter into rhino to produce a hull? Are there better programs to enter the table into to produce a computer model of a hull?

  2. JEM
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    JEM Senior Member


    I tried once before in Rhino and what I discovered was that the offsets weren't completely fair. Rhino is a great tool to check for that.
  3. Tim B
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    Tim B Senior Member

    You'd be hard-pressed to find a better system than Rhino.


    1) Load the offsets into rhino (either using the point input format from a text file ( as x,y,z ) or by hand).

    2) Establish whether the matrix of control points is correct (ie, there is the same number of control points at each section) If so go to 3. If not, go to 4.

    3) Use the surface from points tool (SrfPtGrid) and then follow the instructions.

    4) Create curves through each section of points (this is easiest to visualise). Use the Loft command (or create curves for sheer and keel and use sweep2) to build a surface from all the curves.

    5) Now the hull just needs fairing I use the Analysis tools for this.

    Good Luck,

    Tim B
  4. chandler
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    chandler Senior Member

    Does all that work in the demo version?
  5. Tim B
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    Tim B Senior Member

    Should do, don't be afraid to use the Rhino Command Line :)

    Tim B.
  6. ludesign
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    ludesign Senior Member

    TouchCAD also enables you to import points in TAB format, combine the points to curves and loft them into surfaces.

    It also enables you to quickly and easily re-distribute such imported points more evenly along a curve and increase/reduce the number of controls parametrically. This substantially reduces the rather messy curves and tensions created by such an import, caused by points typically coming in fairly unevenly distributed in distance along the curves.

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  7. pro_user
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    There is buildin function in SeaSolution to import offset table.
    You can also control deviations of these points from your surface.
    Look at
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