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Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by sailmonkey, Sep 20, 2014.

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    Greetings everyone. So considering a 16 foot by 7 foot utility boat, full displacement hull, what are the pros and cons of cedar plank on steam built oak frame vs strip plank on laminated frame with fiberglass cloth, tape, and epoxy? It would seem that the weight would be similar, the build time similar, and cost of strip with fiberglass and epoxy would be more. We have been brainwashed that we all need to take a statin or we might die next month. What is going on in this case?

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    Steam bent frames can be used with strip planking.

    Laminated frames can be used with traditional planking.

    Many glued strip plank boats have minimal framing - typically a few bulkheads/frames.

    If the boat will be kept out of the water, or will be trailered then a strip plank boat will be happier than a traditional carvel plank boat.

    Cost comparison depends on local availability and cost of wood.

    Build time comparison depends on experience and expertise.
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    Cedar planking over steam bent frames will take maybe half the time of the other method assuming the same amount of framing. However, if you are going to fiberglass the hull, might as well make it frameless.
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