Newbie 25' Bertram re decking questions

Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by CowboyDerek, Jun 18, 2014.

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    CowboyDerek New Member

    Hello I recently aquired a 1972 25' Bertram flybridge sedan. The hull is in perfect shape, however it has been almost completely gutted as far as decking goes. I would be very interested in any tips or design plans or ideas. This is my first boat. Thank y'all.
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    Can you post photos? It will help making a plan of action.
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    PAR Yacht Designer/Builder

    Welcome to the forum.

    How do you know the hull is "in perfect shape"?

    As to design plans, well you have a blank slate, so go for it. There are some considerations, mostly related to weight distribution, assuming you design a deck sufficiently strong and stiff enough to perform the tasks expected.

    Simply put, my idea of the perfect 25' power cruiser, will not likely be anything near what you'd prefer. Personally a flybridge on a 25' boat seems like a set of 22's on a Pinto. Don't get me wrong, standing on a cabintop to look around or back down on something is one thing, but a tower or full up bridge is just lazy to me, in this scale. A bit like a bow thruster on a 20' canoe.

    Post some photos so we can see what you're working with and also some sketches, so we can see what you think you might want. Plan you budget, then double it, which will get you moderately close to the actual cost of the completed project.

    Usually the deal killer in a project like this is the state of the engine, drive, tankage and electronics package. If you have to replace all of this and build a new deck, cabin and interior, well this easily doubles or triples the effort and money involved.
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