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    I was born and breed in New Zealand and had dreams like everyone does ! Boats were my thing and always were and have been and still are . The boating industry in nz was fantastic and over the years has produced some exstremely bright and clever people !! most are very well know in the higher circals of the worlds boating not only in design and building but sailing and the manufacture of a lot of equipment used by the top boats of the world . Being such a small country to get any where you have to pack your bags and go look for greener pastures and chase the illusive dream of being with and a part of the best of the best .
    All i wanted was a job making boats ! any kind of boats !It all started with fishing boats in Tahiti , Australia , then Japan and later match racing boats in South Korea and now China . Its not till you have been out of the country for a while you realise you or just another of the kiwis that left the land of milk and honey . so many nz companies closed and picked up and left !! so many very skilled boat builders had to hang up the hats and find jobs in other industries . Boats were a way of life , sailing fishing building was what we all lived and breathed , gone ! Why ??
    Our great leaders have done absolutly nothing to help the industry at all !!
    from a land of very talented sort after and wanted by many countries people now there is very little ,just shadows of what used to be !! .
    Any overseas companies looking for skilled and knowledgable workers should dangle the carrot over nz and see what and who is still there !!. If you dont mind married and people with families you could be plesantly surprised !! dont leave it to late :D
    New zealand has become a land of people from all other countries and has lost most of its truely talented and bright boaties that were people we all looked up to as mentors !! who is there now to take there place ?? our new multi raced nation is not interested in BOATS AND BOATING the way we used to be !! theyhave bought into the country all there bad habits and it no longer the place i want to be !!! The country is still beautiful, but !!!!
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