New Zealand Yacht Designer Seeking Employment Within European Design Office

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    Here you will find a New Zealander who has attained dual citizenship and lives near Vienna Austria in search for an opportunity to work within a European Yacht design office. I bring with me the knowledge I have gained while working in the New Zealand yacht design industry.

    Below I have included my contact details and skills. Upon request I can provide you with my curriculum vitae.


    Air brush Rendering markers
    Pastel Watercolours

    2-D Software
    Autocad 2009 Adobe Photoshop
    Adobe InDesign Adobe Illustrator
    Adobe Dreamweaver Adobe Flash

    3-D Software
    Ashlar Vellum Cobalt Unigraphics NX5
    Solidworks 2009 Rhinoceros V4
    Formsys Maxsurf 3D Studio Max

    Composite fabrication Aluminium fabrication
    Model making Rapid prototyping

    Kind regards


    Contact Details


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