New way of fitting bow thruster

Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by iceboater, Dec 25, 2012.

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    With a large fluke anchor you only drag in a soft bottom. In a sand, hard bottom a large fluke anchor generates a tremendous bite. The Fisherman has no always drags no matter what the density of the bottom,

    And you can easily overload and break a chain by bending it 90 degrees, across the anchor roller chafe bar. This is a very typical loading scenario when using the anchor to stop the bow from blowing downwind.

    Chain needs to be loaded inline to achieve its rated strength
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    aluminium insert

    You could have the thruster tunnel and fairwater made of aluminium and epoxy bonded to hull and internal stiffeners laminate with fiberglass cloth and resin
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    The Frosty has spoken, therefore let none amongst us mere mortals simple builders of boats, designers of boats and operators of boats and ships dare to challange the word of his ominence, the most wise of all FROSTY

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    If there are builders of boats, designers of boats and operators of boats reading this thread, why would they not answer the questions I asked in the first post, but chose to hijack this thread
    with there opinion on how to not use bow thruster.

    Maybe none of them are builders or designers?
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