New venture of boat building for me

Discussion in 'Boatbuilding' started by Mikeh90, Aug 1, 2016.

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    Hi. I am a skilled carpenter but I have only recently done woodworking on shelves and cabinets and so on. I am interested in building a boat but i would like to get some input on some of the essential components of building a boat before I get started. This will be my first boat project and I have a lot to learn but I am eager to learn and get advice and tips from people that have done this before. I only have an idea on what I would like to build. I have an idea that I would like to build a boat about 26 feet long with an outboard motor. Just a basic one for my first one with a couple seats with windshield and controls for the motor. But other than that, that's all I have come up with yet and looking for some sujjestions.
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    The best you can do is find a detailed set of plans of a boat you like. Avoid free plans and antiques that have no details or a living designer you can ask questions from.
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    Honestly, start with a small one so you understand how things fit together and work. A canoe or kayak is a great starter to learn on, even a jon boat. Once you figure things out then go to a larger one.

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    Welcome to the forum.

    The first thing you should do it go down to the local marina and stand alongside a 26' powerboat. You'll find this is a huge thing and you may see you want something a wee bit smaller as your first shot out of the hole.

    Next try to define what you want from the design you elect to build. How will you use it, how many people will you have aboard, what kind of range, top speed targets, etc. This will help define your needs too.

    There aren't a lot of "basic" 26' boats. At this length, you can expect a cabin, maybe a fly bridge, a hefty engine/drive package, etc. Now this said, there are runabouts in this length, so simple, while others magnificent mahogany works of art. Be careful what you wish for, as these brightly finished puppies can (are) the most difficult things to care for.

    . . . a typical 26' cruiser . . .

    . . . a 23' mahogany runabout . . .

    . . . a 24' 6" runabout . . .

    None of these are simple or basic builds, mostly because folks wanting a 26' boat, want as much "stuff" in them as practical.
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