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    Quick intro...

    We've been sailing a few years now and we are thinking of moving on, buy a catamaran within our limited budget and start cruising...
    My 27ft monohull is too small for this and we think the Catamaran has its advantages...

    I've been active on a few other forums but have been directed here as I was asking some specifics on an older design cat (budget limits prohibit new/recent boats)

    I will post my questions in the multihull forum ...

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    A hearty welcome to the dungeon (bottom of the home page) where all the reprobates and others live - I hope you have been watching for a while and know who and how to aviod us undesirables :D

    Have a look at the link at the bottom of my post - around AU$300,000 - is that your ideal of "limited budget"? else, buy a second-hand one - look around here for ballpark ideas/pricing - others will surely chime in with lots of other ideas - Think carefully where you seek to cruise as regional issues can help to refine your choice...
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    I built monos all my life, but cats have certain points for sure, nice webpage
    I have sent to you a pm
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