New to fiberglass please help!

Discussion in 'Materials' started by skipper3245, May 20, 2011.

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    I would like to introduce myself first of all. I am a fishing guide out of Montana, and would like to get into boat building. I have done wooden boats before, but would like it get into fiberglassing. This seems like a very useful site, and hopefully I will be able to help people out on subjects of my knowledge.

    I own a drift/dory boat. I am looking to replicate one and was wondering if anybody had any info on fiberglassing and mold making that would make my life easier by any means. the bottom on my boat is about a half inch thick with kevlar reinforcement cloth in the middle. How much fiberglass and what thickness would I use? What epoxies or resins would I use? Anything would help and thank you very much
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