new teak coating using nano technology - anyone seen this?

Discussion in 'Materials' started by Brands01, Dec 4, 2007.

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    Well, if you're "merely" looking for comments, I might as well say something.

    I haven't try th product, but there isn't really any information on there. They claim it to be "nanoscale", latching on to the "nano-technology" buzz currently going on.

    Secondly, they claim that because it is on "nano-scale" it will penetrate deeply, but I really doubt that. And to this end there is no tests of it to show the customers. Just claims.

    Another claim, is that it is transparent because the UV-inhibitors is so small. That claim doesn't ring true. UV-protection (and the "warmness" in such a product - be i lacquer or otherwise) comes from the amount of inhibitors, not the size of it.

    In other words, I don't believe their claims.

    I'd sooner use lanolin (which I do for almost anything as it is).

    P.S. Except for their "nano-scale"-claims and the UV-inhibition, it sounds exactly like lanolin (taken from the left frame):

    Technology with Nanoscale Micro-emulsions

    A significant progress in Marine Teak Coating Technology

    • Excellent penetration
    • permeable to vapour
    • Salt resistant
    • Water repellent
    • Easy to clean
    • High stain resistance
    • UV absorption/protection
    • Nanoscale hybrid technology
    • Economical
    • No slippery appearance
    • Thin impregnating technology
    • Significant reduced greying
    • Water based
    • VOC free
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    Maybe it's lanolin with UV-reflective nanoparticles embedded in it?
    Anything polymeric can be called "nanotech", really. Think of it, individual synthetic molecules each doing a job! In marketing use, it's a buzzword, nothing more. Is it more expensive than the normal stuff?
    I humbly submit that you look for something tried, tested and proven, with data to back it up. Such as DB's lanolin. Or UV-stabilized varnish.

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    Ok, I know lanolin is the "fat" on wool. a fery good product for many applications - even raincoats (cant rememder the brandname) but some "dryasabone" may have used it. I have also seen and used it on leathers.

    In Melanesia I became aware of the advantages of using bags of "copra dust" to polish floors. Absolutely fantastic finish. Consider looking at regular applications of coconut oil (available from healthfood shops if not near the sources in the tropics). It is non slip when wet in bare feet. Similar effect to beeswax on surfboards. Old solutions are often still appropriate.
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