New Tall Ship Project- Need Naval Architect/ Production Manager

Discussion in 'Projects & Proposals' started by barefootmark, Apr 6, 2008.

  1. barefootmark
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    barefootmark New Member

    Recently, our non-profit received funding to build, from scratch, a Tall Ship, to allow educational programs to be conducted, and to let the non-profit realize profits from charters and private parties.

    This project is to be based upon a yet to decided age of sail frigate or ship of the line, and will be a minimum of 150 feet long. We are fine with adding modern safety equipment, but for all outward appearances, this should be a fully equiped sailing vessel, and should operate as such.

    We are looking for an experienced navel architect to put together preliminary plans for consideration. Relocation for this is not necessary, and the job will be awarded to the architect of the plans chosen.

    We are also looking for a project manager, with extensive experience in this realm. We will want to build the ship in the Bay Area, Northern California, USA, so the project manager will need to relocate for the length of the project.

    Please post resumes/ drawings here, or mail to:

    Mark Solum
    925 Lakeville Drive #129
    Petaluma CA 94954
  2. DavidJ
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    DavidJ Senior Member

    I'd recommend talking to the naval architect Paul Gartside. He is very experienced with "classic" designs and has worked on tall ship rebuilds and design.
  3. gwboats
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    gwboats Naval Architect

    Tall Ship Project

    I hope no one minds if I briefly put forward my own company.

    We have a good deal of experience with large sailing ship projects and have worked with non-profit organisations previously.

    At present we supply marine consulting and naval architecture support to the Jubilee Sailing Trust in the UK at a 'special' charity rate!
    In fact I was part of the original design team on their tallship 'Tenacious' and later responsible for much of the production design during construction.
    Our website will give you more information.
    Please see the page 'Other Services' where there are listed some tallships we have surveyed.

    Your project sounds very interesting and if I can be of any assistance please contact me.
  4. Small Wally
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    Small Wally Junior Member

    I've sailed on both of the JST's ships, and I can tell you that you have done a wonderful thing, for which I, for one, thank you.

  5. gwboats
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    gwboats Naval Architect

    Tallship Project

    If Barefootmark will forgive me for a slight diversion;

    Thank you Small Wally - you are very kind.
    The Jubilee Sailing Trust (and similar organisations) do a brilliant job.
    It was a great privilege to be involved in the building of 'Tenacious' and work with a such a dedicated team of professionals and volunteers.

    Lets get some more square rigged ships to sea.
  6. capthomer
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    capthomer New Member

    Hi Mark, I am interested to learn more about your project and will send you a resume via snail mail. I have run and worked on numerous boat projects from a Captain's point of view. I have 25 years Tall Ship and small ship experience domestically and internationally and have designed and operated marine education programs here in Northern California. I took work sabbatical for the last year and a half to remodel another home with my father and am just finishing up and looking for the next challenge. I live in Santa Cruz so I am already close. I look forward to speaking with you. Fair winds, Captain Jim Holm
  7. coyotecoast
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    coyotecoast Mike


    I am interested in your project, would like to know more.
    I have over 14 years experience in the marine industry and have
    served as Engineer on Hawaiian Chieftain and Robert C Seamans. Was Port
    Engineer for The HMS Bounty. Was involved in major refits of The Clearwater
    And The 1925 Schooner Roseway.
    While serving aboard these Vessels I sailed aboard them as crew also.
    very interested in getting involved in the construction of a new vessel.

    Michael McVeigh
  8. peter radclyffe
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    peter radclyffe Senior Member

    contact gerry dykestra who built the beautiful stadt amsterdam, there are unfortunately any number of ugly replicas around, years ago beauty was important, today people are more interested in function-signed wingin pom
  9. Boston

    Boston Previous Member

    I am not your man to design it but I got old school Joinery and general woodworking down to an art
    I also hate my job
    Drop me a line if you are looking for anyone with generations of shipwrights in there history who is familiar with the old school uses of wood in ships and has a lifetime of experience building in wood

    let me second Peters previous post
    there is a lost art in combining both function and form in design these days
    I would recommend a design contest to pick your best possible option from
    most designers would kill at this kind of opportunity and many will want to make proposals anyway
    best of luck and clear sailing
  10. david@boatsmith
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    david@boatsmith Senior Member

    I would recommend Bay Ship and Yacht in Alameda. They built the California, the Niagara, and did the rebuilds on the Thayer and the Alma. Local and qualified. David
  11. Paul Kotzebue

    Paul Kotzebue Previous Member


    The company I work for may be interested in doing the naval architecture. We are now designing a USCG certified period sailing ship, so we do have some relevant experience. Do you have an RFP or RFQ for this project?

    We are located in San Diego. Click on Yacht Design Engineering Services at
  12. Tad
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    Tad Boat Designer


    Note this add has been up more than a year and the poster has never been back....

  13. Paul Kotzebue

    Paul Kotzebue Previous Member


    Thanks for the heads up. It looks like someone is looking for a free design proposal anyway, but in this economy you have to leave no stone unturned ...
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