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Discussion in 'Boatbuilding' started by tech, May 31, 2002.

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    tech New Member

    I have just signed up today and was wondering if anyone can advise me on what kind of boat to get to cruise the canals, lakes and river waterways of the West of Ireland. with the occasional trip down and out the mouth of the Shannon to the inshore costal waters up the west coast.
    You see I'm brand new to all this, the pointy end is the front and the blunt bit the back, well you get the drift. Iwas used to pushing trucks around Europe now I push an electric wheel chair. can anyone help with sound practical advice and what is the pointy bit called
    Geoff :D
  2. Nomad
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    Nomad Senior Member

    The Bow........ lol :)
  3. Jeff
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    Jeff Moderator

    Nomad :D

    In general though if you ask more specific questions you'll get more answers. Without knowing your budget, space/people requirements, aesthetic preferences, capabilities, etc. it's hard to provide a good answer.

    You posted under boatbuilding rather than powerboats or sailboats - does that mean you are looking for a boat to build or a custom boat?

    BTW welcome to the forums Geoff.

    Does anyone have a minute to provide Geoff with a more interesting answer before he runs the other way?

    Otherwise, please give us more to go on.
  4. tech
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    tech New Member

    Hi Nomad,
    Sorry about not replying before now but I have to book time time on the computer as my daughter is doing exam stuff.Well anyway that first posting was more or less to break the ice (a bow breaker at the pointy end ) My concern at the moment is finding out what is out there.
    You see when my daughter goes to university in 2 years time my wife and myself are retiring and moving to a house in the Carrick on Shannon area. Oour budget for a river/lake boat would be in the region of £12,000 to explore the Irish Waterways and further afield if possible.
    As you see I am only trying to sound things out at the moment
    We don't want anything fancy, second hand would serve our purpose at the moment, a 3 or 4 berth with galley and toilet Also an inboard engine Would this budget be to small to get something reasonable with. Also if Ibought in England, part of the learning curve would be doing a crossing from Wales to Ireland in the good summer weather, is this too ambitious
    The way I see it, pushing a boat around The Irish Waterways can't be that much harder than pushing a an articulated lorry around England and Europe
    Irish Geoff :)

  5. Polarity
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    Hi Geoff
    First stop, a copy of "Boats and planes for sale" and see what you like - and can afford.
    Something for the waterways could possibly make a crossing.. but you would have to be VERY certain of the weather - and anyway take someone who knows their stuff. Rivers and canals are very different to the open ocean - and so are the boats designed for them.
    If it's your first boat personally I would buy with a view to enjoying and learning for a season or two - when you come to your second you will really know what you want!
    I don't know about the Irish waterways but the French canals were easy enough (and absolutely beautiful!) even single handed.

    Have fun!
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