New steel outrigger 80 foot long

Discussion in 'Multihulls' started by 2buildboat, Sep 12, 2010.

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    MIG welded steel hull and folding outrigger .

    Outrigger is small , ballasted , air pumped

    only enough to sink and bouy

    to keep hull planing .

    Outrigger can be folded under the hull .

    Everything is steel , aluminum is weaker for the money .

    Masts are forged tube , thin wall , since its forged , the mast

    can be welded up / built up .

    sails are all luff wire , free , not grooved to any mast .

    Aux : 4 Honda B18b turbo , variable cam timing

    nix's waste gate .

    Im a lonely Ham radio operator , get a permit and

    chat with me on 14.313 mhz or ECHO link or STAR

    or whatever the latest is

    Give me a day or so to build an antenna ( im an antenna expert ) .

    KC7CC Tucson AZ .
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    Thank You Mr Wynand , STEEL is the fastest , safest and it can be forged
    to do tasks , no one today DARES , such as masts . It gets better ...
    Alum masts are extruded , you cant do EXTRUSION at home .
    But Steel masts can be inexpensively forged in your backyard .
    A hydraulic concrete breaker is far to much force , thus anything small
    but not including a $150 Electric Dem' Hammer . Next you need to heat locally to any heat , that reduces the work to reform the grains in the steel til they are flat like corn flakes . Four times the strength of CRS sheet and plate . MIG welding does not interfere , you can MIG a complicated structure and then get on with the FORGING . I have airplane propellors on the drawing board , Forged then brazed . Brazing is very strongs for its weight . It takes shock loads well , thus airplane propellors ....
    Heat dont matter , unless its red hot under the palm tree you are using for shade , in the Bahamas . Yet its a waste of heating torch or oven to not heat
    the steel to at least dull red , as seen looking into the un lit oven ...

  4. apex1

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    Lot of effort to tell a steel boat builder about steel. But a nice try!
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