New river boat for the NAVY SEALS

Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by rasorinc, Sep 19, 2015.

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    Naah, must be some irrigation Project for the third World.......
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    I remember reading how the German S-Boats semi-displacement hull created a much less visible wake at speed VS massive spray from US PT-boat's planning hull.

    IIRC the warmer waters where PT boats operated have more of those little glow in the dark wee-beasties.

    At any rate, I'd think any stealth-attack boat might benefit from skirt to mitigate that massive spray.

    Maybe those aren't the actual boats they use, just the boats to con young dumb kids into enlisting.
  4. messabout
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    The boat is heavily overloaded and has massive power to deal with that condition. Not my idea of a nimble fighting machine. It does have firepower and gunners who don't mind expending his ammunition.

    The vid looks too much like a gamers dream to me.
  5. Trellin
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    The boat is called the Special Operations Craft Riverine (SOCR) it has been used by the special forces for some time now. The boat does not really put out that kind of spray under normal operations, rather the helmsman had the bow trimmed down so as to create that effect. With twin waterjets the craft is capable of turning in its own length at 30 knots. It is a high performance machine that the operators train on constantly under high speeds and tight quarters.

  6. BMcF
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    That it is. ;)

    Trimming down hard by the bow is a significant factor in enhancing the maneuverability for quick tight turns.
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