New Rig for past ketch.

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    I have a Roberts offshore 38'. She has been a good boat yet have plans to rerig her. I have a consept of a yacht that I can lower the mast on so as to access waterways beyond bridges.
    I picked up on a design for a mast aft rig, I wish to addapt this design to having a removable hinge 2m up from the mast step.
    This method should enable me to keep a one piece mast without the use of a tabinackle. The mast should lift off the mast step with the hinge in place and the foot of the mast braced forward relise the backstays.
    With the mast already leaning forward at approx 7degrees there should be weight enough for the mast to lift from the Targer with the shrouds giving side way support, being all hinged at the same point.
    I intend to use the spinker poles to lower the mast after say a 20 degree lean forward.
    I have attached a drawing to help with understanding consept but keen to tease out problems that I may encounter as earl as possiable.
    Any thoughts on this concept would be appreaciated.

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