New record for sailing around Britain in a dinghy

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    " Adventurers halve record for sailing around Britain in a dinghy
    Jeremy Warren and Phil Kirk encountered whirlpools, bombers and seals during 33-day voyage in 5-metre-long boat.....

    Jeremy Warren and Phil Kirk set sail from Weymouth in their Wayfarer dinghy aiming to complete the journey in 60 days, which would have comfortably beaten the previous record of 76 days. But the pair arrived back on their boat Hafren in the Dorset resort on Wednesday, sun-blasted and weather-beaten, having taken a mere 33 days......

    most of the time, for hour upon hour in rain and shine, both men worked to negotiate the rocky headlands, the swirling tides and the subtle sandbanks of the British coast. The record is an unofficial one – there are considered too many variables for it to be included in the Guinness World Records – but it is recognised by yachting types and the pair's efforts have been celebrated in the sailing press."

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    That's pretty cool-I missed it until now. Thanks for the post.
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