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Discussion in 'Powerboats' started by mark_fitzy, Mar 20, 2010.

  1. mark_fitzy
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    mark_fitzy Junior Member

    Purchased a New rebuilt motor and installed, Mechanics started motor, no oil pressure WHAT?????
  2. Boston

    Boston Previous Member

    other than the simple things like does it have an oil pump and did you put oil in it

    if you bought directly from the factory you might be ok getting the warranty to cover it
    if not you are about to learn a very ugly lesson

    I bought a Rebuilt motor once and got completely taken. Guy ripped me off in every way possible. I'd bring it back emediately and demand your money back. My advice is if your not buying new from the factory then you want a reconditioned from the factory but never and I repeat never let some fool machinist tell you he can build just the motor you are looking for. They are thieves and cutthroats one and all, same as mechanics.

    fool me once

    The ****** **** in Longmont Colorado turns out the worst imaginable work and blatantly robs its customers
    its an industry wide problem at least here in this country
    there is very little if any legal recourse you can take
    these shysters are very slippery and they know exactly how to abdicate responsibility
    you must get your money back asap and only buy from the factory

    best of luck and I feel your pain

    I lost about $16,000


    check the valves for metal shavings
    another nice trick those idiots tend to pull is not cleaning the heads before they assemble them
    also the timing
    basically you have to disassemble the motor and check everything they did but
    dont do anything for now but take the motor back out and immediately bring it back
    demand your money or take them to court
    take the motor to a certified mechanic and have them dissemble it and find out what is wrong with it
    get it in writing and have a lawyer write a letter with the findings
    ask for damages

    oh you have no idea what I went through with this exact same issue

    there is about a hundred ways they can weasel out of giving you your money back and the more you delay the harder it is to get any kind of positive response

    whatever you do do not attempt to repair it
    that negates any responsibility on there part

    your screwed
    sorry to be the one to tell you this but take that thing out of the boat and bring it back immediately
  3. mark_fitzy
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    mark_fitzy Junior Member

    situation is this,
    I purchased the motor from an engine supply business I then got it delivered to a mechanic workshop, who then installed it.

    They told me that the boat would be ready to pick up in the afternoon, when I turned up, they where scratching their heads, Tachco wasnt working, neither was the Oil Guage. They got the Tacho Working but ran out of time to fine out why there was no oil pressure. I have to wait until Monday now to find out whats wrong.

    If it is the motor and not the guage or Sensor, who pays for the labor of pulling the motor and reinstalling. It has cost me $2300 in labor already to pull old motor and install this new motor.

    My guess is, if the motor is faulty surely the shop where I purchased the motor from has to foot the bill for the reinstall?

    Your thoughts?
  4. mreoe4sure
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    mreoe4sure who me

    mark take a breath, It may just be the gauge, if the tach was not working. Not all people in the trades are rip-off artist.There are some but not like Boston said. There are people who say the same thing about people in the boating trades. If it is the motor you have to look at the fine print on the paperwork, the engine will be covered but the labor may or may not be covered. When you buy from one person and have another do the work, both want to blame the other for the problem. It helps if the mechanic and the engine builder work with each other often, because sometimes they split the cost for the labor. It is like taking food into a restaurant and asking them to cook it. Your mech makes some money on the engine if he bought it, and doesn't when you buy it, so he charges more for labor, and will try to not get involved in your engine problem. With any luck it will just be a gauge problem and out will be out boating soon. Steven
  5. mark_fitzy
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    mark_fitzy Junior Member

    Yes I Agree, I am not in a panic yet, but I am very wiery of what could happen, this boat has been nothing but an issue since I purchased it a year ago.

    The mechanic didnt want to get involved in purchasing the engine and wanted me to buy it and he would install it, I guesss just incase something like this should happen.

    I will just wait and see what the outcome is and go from there.

    I am hoping it is just the gauge or Sensor.
  6. Boston

    Boston Previous Member

    ouch mechanic didn't want to get involved in the purchase sets off alarms

    big question is, where did the engine supply biz get the motor? and why would the mechanic want nothing to do with it?

    if its a factory rebuild you will have a warranty if its factory new you also have a warranty, if its some local yocal you have a 1 in 10 chance of his being honest ( better business bureau statistics not mine ) so best of luck

    as I said it might be something simple and you did great hiring a professional to do the install so we'll be keeping our fingers crossed but, and this is really important
    if the engine fires first time but without oil pressure you burned the cam so if there is something to indicate that it actually ran without pressure then the motor will only run about 500~1000 hours at best before it craps out on you.

    trust me I have been through it

    check the reciept on the motor and see if they charged you for an oil pump or if the shop charge you
    then actually have them remove the pan while you stand there and visually check there is actually an oil pump on that thing

    I suffered all the tricks the industry has to pull and then some early
    after that I just learned to do it myself

    you need a guy named Jimbo on here as he seems to know a lot about engines and fuel and such as well
    he'll have an informed second opinion on this one
    he will also probably disagree with me on a lot of stuff but thats what second are for

    Ive worked on my own since high school and turn all my own wrenches to this day I also have built several from the ground up and often find myself under the hood of a friends car

    my latest acquisition I got from a friend for a shot of whiskey
    it was sitting dead in his driveway after a three separate shops one after the other had sabotaged it on him
    he said if I could get it out of there I could have it
    I got it running and offered him to just pay me my time but he was so discussed with everything he had been through with the shop and all he signed it over to me over a shot of whiskey

    hang in till Monday and then see what they say about the gauge if its a mechanical gauge then it might be plugged into the wrong port. if its a electric gauge then it might not be wired correctly. So there is a chance all is well if the engine fired and sounded good but just without a working pressure gauge, but if it was actually running on no oil in those first few critical moments !!!.

    the tack is nothing if the engine was running at least on the first fire but oil is everything on start up
    even just cranking it to long can burn the cam
    its all a matter of how much assembly grease they used or if they used any at all
    which is what happened to me
    well that and they did not align the timing gears did not clean the machine shavings out of the engine before assembly and used an old worn crank shaft and didn't line boar the block
    although they definitely charged me for it
    oh they also charged me for a roller motor and there wasnt a roller anything in that motor

    I sincerely wish you the best and be sure and keep up posted as I for one have personal experience with this one


    dont let anyone belittle what Im telling you
    my problems started almost exactly as yours have
    but keep heart and just hope for the best till Monday
    If I were you I would be in that shop first thing watching everything they do
  7. TollyWally
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    TollyWally Senior Member

    I've had a few motors rebuilt. Always worked out well. But then I'm a home town boy, all hooked up and know who the good guys are.
  8. Boston

    Boston Previous Member

    after I had troubles with this guy folks came out of the wood work saying what a shyster he is
    course nobody said boo right up until I did
    oh Hi this is Warren great guy ( turns head and caughs "just done ever do business with him")
    owns a machine shop in town
    little did I know

    I had done a few of my own just honing things out some and using new parts
    that was my first custom rebuild and wow
    $16,000 later and I am all done even thinking of ever having a custom engine built again
  9. TollyWally
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    TollyWally Senior Member

    16 G's is quite a bath. What type of motor was it?
  10. mark_fitzy
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    mark_fitzy Junior Member

    well Im am up to NOW $17000 I have spent all up on this 1995 Regal Bow RIder which I purchased for $14000 Last Feb 2009 --LONG STORY. Lets just say I have had a sh&t of year with this boat and it was suppossed to be all over on friday, now this. All I have is hope. I will let you guys know on Monday what the outcome is.

    So Boston I know what your saying and feel your pain also
  11. Boston

    Boston Previous Member

    ya sorry if I came on a bit strong but that story really rings a bell

    hey Wally
    I had about 8 in the motor and about the same in peripheral goods specific to it
    was rebuilding from the ground up a 2 1/2 ton duely to haul the horse trailers around in
    I could go all out cause I had farm plates on it so no restrictions at all not even noise
    I even had custom flowmasters for it
    I battled that that lousy build for months until I finally took the guy to court
    and lost
    that worm knew every trick in the book even the judge read him the riot act before he had to turn him loose
    judge even apologized that there was nothing he could do for me
    it was unbelievable

    what got the guy off what my initials on a cam shaft order
    jerk said it was a performance part and the warranty is void on performance engines
    nice eh

    no wonder the guy was pushing that cam shaft so hard
    ******* knew it would cover his *** if I went for it and I went in hook line and sinker

    I was so discussed I just got rid of the thing for parts

    did anyone else see the consumer reports article where they put a few cameras under the hood of a car and then unplugged a spark plug
    brought it to one service station after another
    just to see what they did

    it was amazing
    I think one station plugged it back in and sent them on there way
    the rest started singing and dancing
  12. mark_fitzy
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    mark_fitzy Junior Member

    well all good it was the Sensor after all,oil pressure is all good! got my boat back today
  13. Boston

    Boston Previous Member

    thank the gods it was just the sensor
    I am thrilled you did not have to go through what I went through
  14. dskira

    dskira Previous Member

    As I read Boston, who knows what is talking about in engines, I am glad to sail!
    Just kidding.
    I was taken also by a mechanic who promises me a recomditioned engine like new, no need to have factory rebuilt to expensive he said.
    Well the engine is now use for artificial coral reef! (Figure of speak)
    As for a new engine, I bought for a customer two 300 hp and the factory in France refused to gave me the CE accreditation. They pass me a secretary as a engineer. What was the name of these blue French engine? Oh yes Nanni.
    An other diesel dealer insulted me in front of my customer because I didn't choose his engine.
    I hate engines people. I rarely make generality, but beside the mechanic who take care of my Chevy 1989, I trust nobody, a bunch of satirical corner oriented blood sucker who make the pricing competitive impossible.
    They destroy the ability to have fair business practice.
    Shame on ALL of them.
    The last one: the 9hp Yanmar with tranny is close to $8,000.00
    This is DISGUSTING
    Their profit is 300%
    Please nobody try to explain me the high tech **** you can have in the Volvo, piece of crap in ALUMINUM.
    After 5000 hours, gone. If that.
    I had to vent.

  15. Boston

    Boston Previous Member

    ya no one else ever vents on this thing :D

    no worries
    its kinda universally known to watch your back whenever dealing with an engine shop

    right after you get screwed once that is
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