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  1. Kingston Yachts
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    Kingston Yachts New Member


    I am looking for a young and innovative UK based Designer and Naval Architect for an upcoming Sail Cruiser production project.

    We have spent many hours looking at the established yacht design practices based in the UK but we feel we want to start with a clean piece of paper and work with people who have yet to break into the mainstream yacht design world.

    We have lots of great new ideas and want to work with a designer or a design team who are receptive to new innovations and out of the box thinking.

    Initially please supply an email address and phone number or a link to a website in this thread and we will contact you.

    Kind Regards

    The Kingston Yachts Project Team.
  2. jelfiser
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    jelfiser Senior Member

    We are not UK based but we can move there and we're young and innovative.
    We have worked at many designs out of the box in design, materials and technology.
  3. CBD Boat Design
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    New Projects - New ideas

    Im a naval architect with experience in shipbuilding, recently i'm starting a freelance project online:
    I am interested in your proposal.
    For more information please contact

    Im attach an conceptual example of high efficience sailing yacht:

    Attached Files:

  4. tz3dcom
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    tz3dcom 3D

    Hi Sir,

    I have 10 years and more than 100 boats 3d experience problem for work for the innovative Sail boat project.

    Below links are some of my works in my clinets website for you review .

    If you are interested in my work and not mind for working together via internet Pls email me :


    Leo Wu

  5. michael pierzga
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    Be careful forwarding your personal details to a company that may be a scam
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