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    Hello and greetings from!

    We are pleased to launch a new product - Subsea Cable Installation Calculator

    Cable installation is one of the essential operations during the wind farm installation. Cables are usually installed using cable lay vessels (CLVs). During installation, the cable is stored in carousels (a huge cylindrical basket which can rotate on the vessel to payout cable) or baskets, bent over a set of rollers, a single roller or a curved surface. Further, the vessel also needs to make sure the cable laid over seabed must not deform under forces and be laid in a stable manner. The following are the calculation sheets to be accessed.

    • Carousel Calculation – Calculates the weight of the cable and layable length.
    • Roller Load Calculation – Calculates load on the roller/cable in contact
    • Point Load Calculation – Calculates load on a single roller/cable in contact (different from spread load)
    • SWP Calculation – Calculates ‘sidewall pressure’ on the cable, an important cable criteria to be checked.
    • Cable Curve Stability Calculation – Gives the minimum lay radius required for the cable to be stable


    • Cable Stability – DNV-RP-F109 Section 4.3
    • Sidewall Pressure – DNV-RP-J301
    • Point Load – basic physics formula
    • Caroussel load – basic physics formulae

    To learn more, please click on the image above or the link below.

    Please note that this app is based on an annual subscription basis. Product keys shall be sent by email upon purchase

    Best wishes,

    Team TheNavalArch
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