New Product: Round Bilge Hull Resistance Method Selector

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    Hello and greetings from!


    TheNavalArch is launching a new product: The Round Bilge Hull Resistance Method Selector

    This Excel-based app lets the user check which methodical series is most suitable for a round bilge hull form.

    “The most used form of marine vessels is the round bilge hull and a large percentage of these are high speed.
    With a large variety of ship parameters like displacements, length, breadth, and speed, it is important to know which is the right method to use to ascertain the resistance and other parameters.
    This excel file takes the input of the ship’s parameters and tells the designer where the vessel lies in terms of the ranges of parameters for the different methods and depicts them as “”pass”” or “”fail””.
    This also gives the percentage by which the value of the ship under investigation lies with respect to the range.
    The user can carry out a number of what-if computations by changing the parameters of the vessel to attain suitability for a particular series.

    The following methodical series are used here for the suitability check
    Series(No. of Models)
    1 Nordstrom(12*)
    2 De Groot(31*)
    3 Marwood-Silverleaf (30*) )
    4 Series 63 (5)
    5 Series 64 (27)
    6 SSPA (9)
    7 NPL (22)

    8 S-NPL extended(10)
    9 YP (3)
    10 SKLAD (27)
    11 NRC (24)
    12 D-Series (13)
    13 VTT (4)
    14 MARIN HSDHF(40)
    15 AMECRC HSDHF (14)
    14 MARIN HSDHF(40)

    15 AMECRC HSDHF (14)

    For more information, please visit:

    Round Bilge Hull Resistance Method Selector - TheNavalArch
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    Generally looks great. BUT when working with systematic series, have to look at hull shape, not at parameters only...
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