New product: Hull Deflection Calculator for Tankers/FPSOs

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    TheNavalArch is delighted to launch a new product - the Hull Deflection Calculator for Tankers/FPSOs

    Hull girder vertical and along-ship deflections at ship frame locations along the main deck of a Tanker-shaped hull (as measured from Aft Peak) are calculated.

    • These deflections are of interest in the design of supports of deck-mounted structures as well as in the monitoring of hull deformation during ship loading and unloading operations.
    • Global Results forward a general mid-body frame (“Frame 41”) are reported as well as relative results for 15 Frames forward of a user-selected Frame (ie “Aft Frame of interest”)
    • Tanker sizes from Suezmax to VLCC are accommodated. Selected spot input and output checks are included to alert user to inconsistencies in the data.
    To know more, please visit:
    Hull Deflection Calculator for Tankers/FPSOs - TheNavalArch
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