New Power Catamarans

Discussion in 'Powerboats' started by Jb44, Feb 21, 2021.

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    Can't speak to much of the world but have watched a lot of circumnavigation videos of sailing cats.

    My background is mostly Alaska with a fair bit of west coast. But I know engines fairly well and have some familiarity with the big hobie built in the 80s.

    Standard power is Cummins 425s. I'm guessing an 8.3 or 9 liter main. Good engines in the right application. Actually of the 5 options offered between the two vessels they are the only ones without pretty big flaws that would put me off.

    The 715 cummins has a dry turbo and used in a harder load application they become irritating. They can be decent serviceable motors but why cummins went dry turbo still baffles me.

    The 1135 can is the big pumped up c18. A motor that's amazing 1005hp and under. Love me a c 18, would not like to circumnavigate with a pumped up one. They make fuel dissapear at a rate that defies the chart, but parts are available worldwide and the motors are used in lower ratings in boats all around the globe.

    Ips..... I'd rather take a flesh wound from small arms fire....

    Man are neat engines. A few of my friends have them, best described as the beautiful woman who you wed in a whirlwind and 3 years later loose everything to in a messy divorce. Expensive to own, would love one I'm the developed world.... would not in Tonga...

    Seems like everyone who circumnavigate ends up spending all their time aft under screens and covers. All the bow seating looks better in harbor than in practice. The house forward 68 would be a neat option to make s larger livable areas.
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    52 Ton. On 18 wheels with no suspension. Dragged up a beach.... and you are going to carry all that crap around with you ? It does not sound like you have much experience playing in the sand.....

    I think without a doubt, the owner would have to make some pretty long course deviations to get to places where bottom work could be carried out with minimal risk of damage to the hull. I'm sure the cost of a dry dock would make the cost of any travel lift seem like an absolute bargain..

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