New motor installed after submersion and overheat

Discussion in 'Powerboats' started by mark_fitzy, Mar 31, 2010.

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    I just got my boat back from a motor install after overheat back but more problems he tells me.

    He has been having problems with heater alarm going off etc after I paid him to rewire the whole boat.

    The alternator is shot so they dissconnected the wires and have taped up the wires up because it was draining the battery and making the gauges go hey wire ??? He also said I am getting some popping at WOT because battery is getting low and staving the pertol Pump??

    And then he said to contact my insurance company as it was part of the submerging claim when I left the bung out and that I should get the assecessor to contact him, and he said its going to be an expensive quote.

    Because he wants to get his money back from playing with the sensors etc.

    Guys does this sound correct? Should I connect the alternator back up? and if so what wires go where? I have an Orange one, Purple and one with red and purple.

    this guys is confusion the hell out of me, what should I do?
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    Sounds like you've done a deal with a con artist.
    The principle of a repair is that you bring something damaged or broken, get it back fully operational and then pay the guy who worked that miracle for you.

    If the alternator went for a swim in seawater it is surely ruined, but so is the starter motor and probably even the wiring itself. That all should be part of a professional repair job.
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