New Member - Request for Assistance with Jarvis Newman 32 Hull

Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by N4061, Sep 22, 2012.

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    Hello, we are exploring a possible new build with CW Hood using the Jarvis Newman 32 hull with a modified deck house. I would like to understand from previous and current owners thier experiences with this hull and other JN hulls. The pro's and con's. We have no experience with Downeaster's but like the look and want something that cruises around 12- 16 knots off the California coast (large swells are the norm not short chop) running on average 50 miles between harbors. Quality and safety are number one. Our last two boats were Nordhavn trawlers. Appreciate all comments and suggestions. Thank you
  2. N4061
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    N4061 New Member

    New Member - Question on Jarvis Newman Boats

    Hello all, we are new to this web-site and with Downeast style boats. We are considering building a new boat with CW Hood Marine and looking at using one of his Jarvis Newman Hulls. Possibly the 32 with a new upper deck. We will use the boat in Southern California (open ocean, 50 miles bewteen ports) for weekends. Appreciate hearing about the Pro's and Con's on this hull and builder. Thank you

    Our last two boats were Nordhavn's.
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    You might have a look at a forum dedicated to "Downeast" boats: The emphasis is more on working boats than "lobster yachts" though.

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    I see there are currently 5 of these listed on Yachtworld......

    Why would you not buy an existing boat and have it refit to will save money, time, and eliminate a bunch of unknowns.....
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