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Discussion in 'Wooden Boat Building and Restoration' started by milezone, May 27, 2014.

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    milezone, I am a rookie also, and a couple of years ago we also built a eight foot John boat. It sounds kind of similar to what you are wanting to do, so I am going to give you a link to a YouTube video that shows a little bit about how we built it. And there is also a link on the video that will take you to my blog. It shows step-by-step how we did it. We didn't use epoxy or any of that high-tech stuff, we used lots of glue and lots of screws. So far it hasn't leaked a drop.

    . I hope this gives you some ideas or helped you out a little bit.
  2. hoytedow
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    hoytedow Carbon Based Life Form

    Well done. Welcome to the forum.
  3. milezone
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    milezone Junior Member

    44, yes I seen your video some time back, great job. I am already working on my second boat, this time with a curved bottom and sides.
    Purchased the "pre-plans" for the Birch Mini Tug, but getting no email response from that guy on a question or 2 before I buy the full plans. Guessing he does not need to sell anymore plans as he is not responding to emails. :-(
  4. ancient kayaker
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    ancient kayaker aka Terry Haines

  5. milezone
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    milezone Junior Member

    Yes but good luck getting a response from him. Sent email with no response, so sure.y will not give up my hard earned money for something that May or may not work, and with no support whatsoever. :-(. Was hoping others had designs.
  6. studmunki
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    I’m in the same boat, so to speak.

    This summer I fulfilled a child hood dream and built my first boat…. I got most of my info from the youtube videos and reading forums and such… Its been a wonderful learning experience. And once i got started it was far less intimidating than i thought it would be. My boat is a very simple set up. 44” wide X 8’ long with 16” high sides. I used 3/8th AB exterior ply since it was less than half the cost of marine. The joints are glued and screwed to chines and one layer of fiberglass tape over the seams. Then I used Amazing goops “Coat-It” to seal the hull and then primed and painted it… All told, im probably $350 into this project. But now that I’m just about done with the final coats of paint, I'm starting to wonder if the runners on the bottom will need more protection than just “Coat-it” and paint… I was wondering if anyone had thoughts on screwing aluminum flat bar over the wood runners to make them more durable for beaching… oh here is a link to a vid of some of what ive been doing

    Im living proof that any A-hole with a bag of screws and a hammer can build a boat.

  7. rwatson
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    Without wanting to make light of your achievements, it might be better to say that any 'a-hole' can build a "44” wide X 8’ long with 16” high sides. curved wooden box that floats". ;)

    Did you ever weigh it ?

    I am sure you will agree that larger projects will require a lot more care and work, especially if they get subjected to a harsher environments and bigger loads.

    In the meantime, you should feel proud to have done so well with resourceful and inexpensive solution to getting afloat.

    has it inspired a more adventurous project by any chance ?
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