New material for possible use in boat/ship building looking for input

Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by tonyafc, Jun 24, 2006.

  1. tonyafc
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    Hi, (just signed up)

    Just found your forum while looking for likely uses of our new board material recently developed called magnesiacore.

    I would like people in the trade to take a look at it and let me know if there is a market for applications related to boat and shipbuilding and help get in touch with possible distributors in this industry.

    Our website is

    My personal email is
  2. hansp77
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    Hey Tony,
    send me some free samples and I will build a tender out of it and tell you how it goes. :D :D ;)

  3. Russ
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    Russ 60 year plastics veteran

    Hi Tony,
    Very interesting stuff. I would like to see some sample material & Specs to evaluate it's possibilities in boat building. I can think of several places it MIGHT work. Let me know if you can do that.
  4. tonyafc
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    Make a request for samples on our the order/RFQ page

    ... I'll send you a few cut sample pieces to look at. I should have full size material in Sydney in about a month that you could pick-up and try.

    Or send me an address by email with coordinates for UPS
  5. camobob
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    camobob New Member

    Flooring application

    If its tough enough for flooring send me a sample. I'm looking for a deck material for my hunting boat that has to be tough, light and weather proof.

  6. safewalrus
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    safewalrus Ancient Marriner

    Initially it looks like a fantastic material which no doubt is good for house building and also looks like it may have some application for boats (probably and initially for the larger commercial style - cargo ships etc).

    Just a word of warning - the maritime industry tends to be extremely conservative (for good reason) on the advent of new materials - and whilst I might build a house from it would I trust my life to it until I had greater proof? Probably not! but it might be good for cabin materials and other internal jobs! But keep at it time will tell! One day some one some where will have a crack at building a boat with the material, depending on the cost (which of course includes availability - which obviously ain't great at the moment!)
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