New launch: Two Point Lift Design Spreadsheet (TheNavalArch)

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    Two point lifts appear simple, but a slight dig reveals multiple constraints which they may throw up – load amplification factors, COG shifts, tilts in the cargo and type of sling.

    This app puts all concerns to rest, with a comprehensive calculator for two sling lifts. It can be used to design a new lift configuration using two slings and single crane, or it can be used to verify an existing one. It follows the latest DNV-ST-N-001 guidelines.

    • It calculates the design load, the Dynamic Amplification Factor (DAF), and point loads
    • It checks the crane lifting capacity, tilt angle, and calculates the lift point load
    • The resulting forces and angles can be used to design/check the pad-eye for lifting
    • It also provides an elaborate sling design sheet based on DNV-ST-N-001
    • Sling Design can be done for Vertical Hitch, Choker Hitch or Basket Hitch
    For more information, please visit:

    Two point (single hook) lift design (as per DNV) - TheNavalArch
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