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Discussion in 'Multihulls' started by Newickspark, Jun 14, 2019.

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  1. Newickspark

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    I’m going to start build (after plans arrive) for a 28’ yawl.
    This design was picked for the two mast and the proven sailing performance.

    Why do I need two mast? Well actually, I need three! This is a CAMPING tri, so unless the weather is extreme, sleeping via tent will be the main focus. For 4!

    Yes 4 sleeping very cozy on a little 28’ tri.

    Here is how

    4 ultralight tents, but where? On the mast!

    See video link, that will tell the whole story.

    The company makes what they call the safari connect, it’s listed as a two man, but I say use it as a big ole one! It’s made to handle the elements, better then their standard line, which is awesome btw!

    So with the yawl, you have two trees needed, where to add the third? I’m thinking a carbon tube that dismounts from center float both sides.
    This will allow for a stack port and star’
    4 tents!

    Honestly I would just do one each side with another tarp under. See last photo, the blue tarp is the add on. It becomes another sitting space, and the sunshade for below.

    Also, these can be taken into the beach, put up in trees, which keeps you off the sand at night.
    The safari has grade 4 no seeum netting, for buggy beaches. No sand fleas 5 ft+ off the sand!

    I will have to talk with a structural engineer about how to pull this off, how to design the tube for the 3rd mast needed, and how to build the mast to handle the point load these will place in it.
    But it’s doable!

    You could also add a pole on the end of each aft float, and use the main mast only, this gives a better sleeping position fore and aft. You need to drop the boom out of the way some.

    Also, they make just the tarps that connect under the tent, think extra shade over the tramps! With sleeping above the sun shade!

    What do you think?

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    My 25' tri can be configured to sleep 4 in the cabin. Preferably not after a curry and a few beers. Suggest you build a 28' tri that has 4 berths, unlike the Spark that has one double, and save the tents.
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