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Discussion in 'Multihulls' started by oscarvan, Jun 7, 2009.

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    Greetings. I said hello on another forum here, asking about foam. Then I found this, the multihull forum, that's me.

    Sold the mega mono and bought a Dragonfly 25. Quorning design, built in Canada by PCMold.

    Pics here:

    One thing I knew when I bought it, is that even folded on the trailer it's over 10' wide. I am just about to start playing with disconnecting the floats and storing them "in and under" on the trailer. A plethora of ideas to do this quickly and effortlessly will be tested.

    But, before I did that I was going to paint the ama's. Weeeeelllll, turns out that they are partly balsa cored, that there was lots of cracking in the outer skin, that the inner skin was porous and that the boat lived on a mooring for many years and that the balsa got wet, soaking wet in a few places. And wet balsa=rot...... Here's where I am so far:

    Just about ready to start the trailer part. Then back in the barn to finish the deck and hulls. Then I have to rig a mast raising system, clean up the center hull and get it camping ready. Then I am going sailing. I hope it will be before July is over....

    Next winter the center hull goes in the barn for a makeover.
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