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Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by John L., Nov 13, 2015.

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    Hello everyone,

    My name is John and I live here in Virginia Beach. I retired from the Navy some years ago and stayed in the area because I love being near the water. I currently own a 26' Islander sailboat that I am selling to a friend. My son and grand kids have been after me to get a boat that they can have easier access to, because the Islander is tied up on a Navy base.

    I am looking at building a skiff in the 16'-17' range that can be powered economically. (20-25 HP or lower). I'm not looking for speed, just a nice practical boat to take the grand kids out for a little crabbing, fishing, and exploring. My son and I will be taking it out on the bay on calm days and evenings during Striper (bay) season.

    I have looked at a few designs including the Lumberyard Skiff, and a few of the Spira designs. Building the boat is well within my skill set. I have plenty of experience with woodworking, carpentry, fiberglass, and basic DC current.

    I can go either way with a tiller or center console, as they both have their Pro's & cons. The electrical system will be kept fairly simple, with running lights and a couple plug in's for fish finder, and a live well.

    The only "must have" is a design with plenty of flotation while keeping as much free space as possible.........if that makes any sense.

    I would appreciate any ideas & feedback from you who have experience building boats like this.

    Have a great day everyone & be safe.

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    This is 17', very simple to build, very tough, needs not much power and enough floatation to hold you, guests and the equipment afloat, even if filled with water.

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