New guy, built my own boat:

Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by Morro, Jul 25, 2008.

  1. Morro
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    Just wanted to say It was a lot of fun to build my own small boat. This is my second boat. First I built a 10’ dinghy, and to some degree followed plans I had bought. This time I built this 14’ without plans. I started with just some basic ideas of what I wanted, a few measurements, and figured out the rest as the project moved along.

    I would probably get a better boat with plans from a professional, like one of the designers here, or at least asked for help a few times along the way, but for me a part of the fun was making it my own way. I’m happy with the result. The boat is light, 9 mm ply, stitch and glue, moves nicely with 30 hp four stroke (smaller motor would also work).

    I have enjoyed reading many of the posts here for some time, and now I want to give you a look at my boat. What do you think?

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  2. Butch .H
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    Butch .H Senior Member

    Cool boat man
  3. Manie B
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  4. TeddyDiver
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    Nydelig båt:D
  5. kach22i
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    kach22i Architect

    Real nice.

    Did you name the boat or the design yet?
  6. Wayne Grabow
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    Wayne Grabow Senior Member

    I am impressed with your approach. You can use the design of a professional and be safe; or you can try your own ideas, take a risk, and inject your own creativity into the process. Taking a risk and using your own creativity makes it very rewarding; although using an established design and concentrating on excellent craftsmanship is also a satisfying route.
  7. Guest625101138

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    That looks a great job. Very clean internal finish. Better than most you buy. It looks nice structurally as well. Should feel solid in a bit of chop.

    I think others would like some detail on material and quantities. If you have any progress pics it would be good. What is finished weight?

    Rick W.
  8. lazeyjack

    lazeyjack Guest

    nice finish lots work on finish, how many hours you take, do the finish?
  9. BHOFM
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    Where is the mast?
  10. Morro
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    Thank you all for the nice comments. I did not count the hours. The basic hull came together in a couple of days, not so with the rest…Working from plans would be faster, I had to measure everything from the boat. It is fiberglassed only at the seams. Two coats of epoxy on everything inside and out. It will be in the water for a few hours at a time. The weight, complete, but without equipment, is only 115 kg. It feels solid for it’s weight, but in a light chop the shallow V bottom, about 11 degrees (constant), will limit it a bit. Bottom width is 138 cm. I’m sorry, but I don’t think I have any construction photos. My garage was a complete mess for a year (I did nothing during the winter) so that’s probably why I did not bring my camera out there. No name for it yet.

    Rick, I am very impressed with your work on human and solar powered boats. Perhaps my next project will have that kind of power.
  11. Morro
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  12. ancient kayaker
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    ancient kayaker aka Terry Haines

    Nice. I too prefer light boats. Cost less, less to throw away if it doesn't work and easier to get in and out of the water if it does. You must have had some kind of drawings, maybe you can photo and post them.

    it's very satisfying when the whole thing is your own, from concept through design to the build. Congratulations.

  13. g.maclaren
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    Handsome boat. I don't think you'd have anything better using the designs of others. Keep up the great work!
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