New Figaro 3 launch and first sail

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    This 4th race finally won by Eric Peron, a few seconds before Armel Le Cleac'h, and overall winner is Yoann Richomme who was brilliantly consistent all along these 4 very different and challenging races : a lot of wind changes from calm to 30+ Knots (2nd race / 4 hours downwind during which the best sustained an average 17 Knots speed, Morgan Lagraviere recorded a gust at 48knots ), crucial zones with tidal currents (with mooring sequences to not go aft and/or on the rocks) , storms, fog, heavy rains, sailing very close to rocks, algae (to remove from the keel wing by diving),... The Solitaire is deemed to be a complete school for sailing singlehandlers, and sponsors carefully look at every year results to offer opportunities of Class 40 or Imoca's to the best. Yoann Richomme for example really deserves a competitive Imoca for the next Vendée Globe 2020.

    Here are the comments in English of the non French competitors :
    Alan Roberts top ranked international winning the Vivi Trophy - News | La Solitaire
    Dolan, Colman, Mulloy & Harris: On the dock in Dieppe - News | La Solitaire
    On Richomme :
    Regal Richomme wins historic 50th La Solitaire URGO Le Figaro - News | La Solitaire
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