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Discussion in 'Option One' started by IOVH, Feb 26, 2003.

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    IOVH Junior Member

    I am new on this O-1 project, I would like to join and collaborate with my knowledge and in anything I can. I am an Interior Designer and amateur Yacht Designer, I have studied Naval Architecture at the college. The tasks I am capable to do are:
    - Develop detailed drawings
    - Constructional drawings
    - Scantlings calcs
    - Performance prediction
    - Interior layout and details
    - hydrostatics
    - Stability calcs

    Answering to Will's today message, I agree to go for one or max two building materials. Ply and GRP sounds good to me. I propose to build the hull+deck with ply-epoxi cold molded system and the superstructure in GRP E-Glass vinylester, that will improve the CG height and the general look and design of the pilothouse.

    Because I am new in this project, I was wondering if I can have a short brief from someone. I have a few questions like:
    In which phase we are now?
    How I can collaborate?
    Who are involved?
    Next step?

    Many thanks
  2. Willallison
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    G'day IOVH!
    Welcome to O-1 ... it's always nice to see a new face on the board. Probably the best way to get a feel for the O-1 project so far is to skip through the various threads, but in essence,
    we have:

    1 Coastal hopping. 1 week duration without re-supply
    2 Trailerable
    3 Range 300 miles
    4 Crew, 2 minimum
    5 Price range, under 50K US, for home built.
    6 Must be able to carry on a normal conversation at 3/4 throttle.
    7 Outboard power
    8 Locate head up (on same level as saloon as opposed to down with berths)
    9 Light weight - about 1500 - 1800kg

    There's probably some stuff that's been missed here, so as I said, you'll probably get a better feel by looking at the various threads.
    At this stage, we have a (very) preliminary sketch which can be found here:
    there is a hand drawn sketch on the 1st page and a CAD image or two on the 2nd.

    As far as your question about our progress goes, we currently seem to be at the stalled stage! The feeling so far is that some sort of flat panel, foam core construction is the go - with maybe the option of another material at a later stage. What we need now is for someone to help take the design to the next stage by looking at scantling and construction details.......

    Any input is welcome - go for it!
  3. IOVH
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    IOVH Junior Member

    Thanks Will

    Thanks for your wellcome message. I will have a look to those threads as advised. I take the opportunbity to tell you that I will be delighted to collaborate in the next phase of the project producing the constructional details (CAD) and doing the scantling calcs.
    See you soon
    Ignacio (IOVH)
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