New drive technology

Discussion in 'Outboards' started by Moss, Jan 27, 2009.

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    Something of interest to both outboard and stern drive enthusiasts - a new technology called Axis Drive that seems to combine the benefits of both without the downsides. I'm no expert in either so can't comment on whether the claims are true, but they're certainly fine-looking machines ...
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    The compact size, full trim/tilt control, and closed cooling system would be appealing to those who might be considering big O/Bs or sterndrives.

    The spec sheets on the website are pretty sparse. It looks like they're using Infiniti (ie, Nissan) blocks but with substantial modifications to allow them to run at a 45-degree angle. I would expect a fairly smooth ride from these engines. Being relatively recent designs and having Nissan's engineering power behind them, I would also expect better fuel economy and quieter running than from an engine built on the common 20-plus-year-old blocks.

    On the other hand, it wouldn't be an easy retrofit to an existing design- it looks like all the weight and forces are carried by the 45-degree transom. That would necessitate some creative structural bracing.

    The gearbox looks intriguing. I suspect it would be a fairly smooth-operating design, but they do make a remark that it is designed for a 1000 hour "extreme E5 duty cycle". Whatever that means, 1000 hours seems rather short-lived for a marine gear.

    I think what will make or break the concept is the availability of spare parts. Proprietary gearbox, proprietary digital controllers, customized engines, none of which is likely to be available through nearly as many channels as spare parts for more conventional systems- all of this could make for expensive and time-consuming repairs if they don't get the spare parts infrastructure in place at reasonable prices.
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