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  1. Newickspark

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    Hello All

    Buying plans, what will I receive?
    Here is the description....

    four mylar sheets showing construction
    details, plus vaka and ama full scale.

    What’s the difference between construction details
    And full scale?

    I’ll post questions separate, so they are easy to quote and reply.

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  2. Newickspark

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    Next is building process

    What building process did Mr Newick promote to build his designs?

    I don’t have much building experience, but do have lamination experience.
    Vacuum bagging ect.

    This thumb is the boat I’m going to build.

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  3. Newickspark

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    After I get a better idea on his building methods, I’ll be looking for suggestions on how to speed up the mold Making process. I plan on core cell and carbon
    Maybe balsa! Gasp...(No, I won’t use balsa in areas that require any screws) If I go balsa, I’ll use the type that prohibits Excessive resin flow into the balsa.
  4. Newickspark

    Newickspark Previous Member

    Will also be looking for a well respected designer that can do planes for the mast.

    I plan on using the modified Ljungström
    that Dick drew up, but I’ll need help on improving its use. I read that it’s hard to reef down in 20+ knots.

    Just some simple improved rigging ideas, and maybe whisker poles to help down wind also.
  5. Newickspark

    Newickspark Previous Member

    One more question I have for now

    How hard is it with all the modern software available, for the designer to take the measurements, off the plans, import them into a software program, the. convert into CAD?

    The. have the hulls cnc cut out of a block of solid
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  6. Mr Efficiency
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    I see you have already selected the boat you plan to build, your questions might be better directed to the source of the plans for it, if possible. Or at least try that first. You seem to have ideas to modify, without really knowing what the plans entail. I'd say speak to the designer.
  7. upchurchmr
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    Efficiency - Newick is dead, quite a few years.

    Newickspark. I've never seen Newick plans, but I was told that he basically provided the shapes.
    Not much for sizing of structure or building directions. That was just second hand to me.

    Good luck, I think you are in for a rough ride - but I like Newicks designs a great deal.
  8. Newickspark

    Newickspark Previous Member

    Thanks, modifying is too strong a word,
    I plan on building to the org plans’
    With just a few small changes to the rigging, if I’m convinced it will help make the sail easier to use.

    This is type Of sail, when open. I’m sure a great designer, with the advances available in sail design could improve on his already great work
    Here and there. One thing I read is a quote saying Mr Newick mentioned whisker poles for this rig. Not sure they are included until I get the plans.

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  9. Newickspark

    Newickspark Previous Member

    I think you're right, nothing looks easy on this build. Ruff ride indeed, but smooth selling on the other side of that road.

    I like a challenge. One saving grace *might* be this is one of his later designs... 2003 ish?


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  10. upchurchmr
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    upchurchmr Senior Member

    There was another thread about this boat.
    I think it was Jim Conlin.
    Either here or on Wooden Boat forum.
  11. Newickspark

    Newickspark Previous Member

    I did see that, thanks. It’s has some good info.
  12. BlueBell
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    BlueBell . . . _ _ _ . . . _ _ _

    Where did you see it?
  13. Newickspark

    Newickspark Previous Member

    Search newick spark launched
  14. Newickspark

    Newickspark Previous Member

    You will also see a write up on ocean nav’
    About the design

    EDIT: I did find this about the build

    Spark's hulls can be strip planked with cedar or lighter more expensive DuraKore. In either case, they should be sheathed with fiberglass cloth inside and out. Shaped and 'glassed foam forms the forward and after ends of the amas (outer hulls). These "safety cushions" will disintegrate upon hard impact.

    Lofting this boat should be easy. Newick drew Spark's graceful hull lines for publication here. He added a waterline and buttock lines to the vaka drawings at my request. Later, he pointed out that these lines needn't be shown for his boats because of their easy shape and selffairing lofting method.

    In the quote below, this is what sold me on the design to build it, I know it’s a older tri, but good was good, and still is.

    “Peter Johnstone grew up with performance boats, being part of the Johnstone clan that created J-boats. As principle of Gunboat catamarans, he's also a veteran performance-multihull sailor. After a shakedown spin on Damfino, he concludes: "On a reach, the thing was just magical. It was wet, but as you would expect at that size (and doing 18 knots). It has a comfy cockpit and did everything it was meant to do &mdash a simple, comfortable, fast day sailer for an older guy who's going to be short handed."

    And this part also

    Conlin plans little cruising, but Johnstone concludes, "I could see cruising that boat in the Exumas for a month or two, no problem," a trip enhanced by the boat's minimal working draft of 2 feet (depth of rudder; board up). He adds, "The boat has a lot of room below," and though that may be a relative measure, Newick echoes quite a rational cruising brief: "I could spend summers on that boat alone or take Pat (his wife) on weekend cruises."

    Newick would not hesitate to take the boat offshore to Bermuda, either. Although small for such purpose, Damfino is a powerful successor to Newick's famous 31-foot Val trimarans, which are not much bigger and have sailed across oceans many times, including one placing second in the storm-ridden 1976 OSTAR, finishing right behind a maxi-racer (and penalized 236-foot schooner)
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  15. Newickspark

    Newickspark Previous Member

    So now I know the plans are strip cedar or

    So question is, could I change that to
    Core cell with carbon?

    What would I gain
    What would I lose
    And how difficult and different would the lamination schedule be from the original materials
    I will use a wet lay up vacuum bagged.
    Could use some tricks on how to limit excessive
    Resin in the core, with this process. I want to avoid infusion if I can. To many things to go wrong, I would rather deal with a little more weight then a destroyed main hull!

    Thanks all
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