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Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by vapera, Sep 3, 2010.

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    Hi Everybody,

    I built a new prototype of my invention, and redesigned my site. During these 4 year after my first post, I stayed studying and developing a new manufacturing process, that garanties a sustainable, ecological and much more easy and practical "boat" to carry and assemble.

    To understand what I did, please visit:

    Unfortunetly I'm still looking for an enterprise to produce it.

    And I'm also still working on the development of boats design.

    Thank you for your time.:idea:

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  2. Wynand N
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    Wynand N Retired Steelboatbuilder

    Vapera, nice to see someone thinking outside the box. :cool:

    Very nice website - one of the best I had seen....but, you are out of time. Perhaps best to go back to the future. ;) (what I mean, perhaps your products are to radical for conservative mindset of today)
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  3. vapera
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    vapera Senior Member

    Thank you!!!

    Wynand N,
    Considering your expertise (what I saw in your Steel Boatbuilding site), I have no words to describe what I´m feeling!!!
    If you are interested to build to you or to sell, feel free to do it (because the patent is only protected in Brazil). By the way, you have the knowledge to do this, because the molds you can do with steel or aluminum, even though the steel is heavier than aluminum, but is much more resistent and durable. If you have any difficulty please contact.
    This idea is also applicable in medium and large boats.:idea:

    Thank you for your words.:p

  4. tinhorn
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    On the other hand, remember when 10-speed bikes first hit the scene? Or blowmolded, sit-on-top kayaks? This is a clever invention, and maybe it'll only be as popular as recumbent bikes are, but I wish you the best of luck with it.
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  5. Wavewacker
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    Hi, speaking from the balcony of venture capitalists, get the bugs worked out then come back. Alos, to patents, hope you have protected yourself sufficiently, as a fold up hard shell is a good idea. But what keeps the competition from slipping two part in a slick tough material sleeve and tightening it up? Just saying there are lots of ways to connect the two pieces and having a boat in halves has already been done. So for investors to come, protect your widget.

    Actually, that's not alot of money. Have you been to the SBA? Do you have skin in the game? Credit, capacity, collateral?

    I'm thinking you have a great product, but you mentioned bugs, work them out. A product first to market has a big advantage, a flawed product will be improved quickly and you'll lose that advantage. Looks good! Good luck!
  6. mydauphin
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    Run... to a patent attorney or find someone and file a patent pending. Use you Brazilian patent as guide. You idea is scalable to bigger kayaks. I do work for a company that sells many of them nationwide. I think your idea might be attractive. Once you have patent, money and sales retailers are not a problem.
  7. vapera
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    vapera Senior Member


    Thank you for your words!

    Just one comment about the recumbent bikes: they are rare and expensive plus they're not practical.
    My idea is a practical watercraft, what I mean is that this project can be built with a final sales price around U$ 100 or less.
    In the site, it is writen that this vehicle can be made of PET, recycled PET. The process to make it of PET is through blow mold like a bottle of water or soft drink. The unit cost of this is very low, more than 20 units per hour can be made in a blowing machine that produces only one unit at a time, there are blowing machines that produce 4 or more bottles at a time. But to make a 5-gallon bottle, the machine that I saw (in Youtube) makes around 100 units per hour, but one unit at a time due to the size of these bottles.
    If you want to understand a little about this method, please type "PET blowing machine" in Youtube, there will be a lot of movies showing this process. It's a really fast process in comparison to rotomolding for example. The time it takes to make one of this watercraft in rotomolding, 20 or 30 can be made in a blow molding machine, and the price is of a recycle PET. It's an ecological philosophy.
    The other cheap system is to make it of EPS (Styrofoam), it's the same method used to make bicycle helmets.
    These methods are only possible because the basic idea of this invention is a beam(s) connecting hydrodynamic floating watertight modules longwise. The beam(s) is(are) like the backbone, it is the structure that resists the mechanical efforts. You can attach not only modules but also parts to the beam(s), like ribs attached to the backbone. This is the reason that this watercraft is something like a Lego, where you can switch all the propelling systems and change the purpose of this vehicle. And Legos are cheap and are made in large scale.


    Thank you for your post.

    "The competitors" can connect floating modules in any way, and outside Brazil, they can even use the method I´ve patented (which is to attach longwise hydrodynamic floating watertight modules through beam(s)). So what I want is to sell the Brazilian market of my patent to an enterprise.
    Any method to connect the modules, aside the beam(s), is fragile and inefficient. There is a recent rotomolded kayak patent that couples the modules like a drawer, plastic inside plastic, this is another interesting idea, but not as good as mine, which is literally a virtually indestructable backbone (it can be made of titanium!!).
    There are several ways to make the beam(s), but it will always be a beam or more beams.
    What I have are only prototypes, they're not for sale, they're only to show an idea, they're not a commercial product.
  8. vapera
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    vapera Senior Member


    Thank you for your idea!

    There is a certain time to file a patent outside Brazil, and this period has already expired, it is now public domain in the rest of the world, the patent is valid only in Brazil.
  9. TonyMet
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    I've not seen anything like this before, but it's a really interesting idea. It would definitely be handy to just take it apart and assemble when you need. Not only is that a good thing for transportation, but also for general storage too. It would be good to test one out to set how it feels compared to normal. Is it as still as stable as a single moulded design? Anyway, best of luck with it. I'm heading over to your site to have more of a look into it now
  10. Doug Lord
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    Doug Lord Flight Ready

    ==================================== ==
    You've done a great job! Very intriguing concept-I wish you the best.
  11. CatBuilder

    CatBuilder Previous Member

    Heed all of the advice above and take these pictures down!
  12. vapera
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    vapera Senior Member

    She is easy to build!

    Hi TonyMat,

    Thank you for your incentive!

    To answer your questions, the best way is see the movies of this "boat" ( or ). Any way, the design of the hull determines the behavior of the boat, and in this case, the design of the beam(s) does it too. And it is also important to understand that, in a watercraft, the mass center is different from the gravity center, this can make a big difference. So if you design a narrow hull, probably you will need to lower the mass center, but it´s not the unique solution, there are others problems involved, but the basic is what I said, the shape is determinant to the performance of the boat.
    The "actor" of this movie took a lot of "showers" before starring in the movie, because he had never paddled before. The width of this watercraft prototype has around 55 cm (22 inches), it is really narrow, but is not very difficult to paddle. The beams are made of PVC pipe (one inch) and it is enough.
    It is important to understand that this model has a design to facilitate the public acceptance, it is not what I really want.

    Hi Doug Lord,

    Thank you for your words, I can say that this forum is being very stimulant to me.

    Hi CatBuilder,

    I'm not quite sure I understood what you meant, I think you are inviting people to build/produce my idea since it is already public domain around the world. Thank you for this, because unfortunetly in Brazil the enterprises try to forfeit the patents (they tried to forfeit mine but they couldn't, because I protected my patent very well). I can´t blame them for this behavior because the Brazilian patents law stimulates this, and since there are few enterprises controlling the market, for them it is more interesting. But to international enterprises, it is the opposite, because to enter the Brazilian market it is perfect to have a monopoly. So an international enterprise can come to Brazil without fear because it will have a monopoly with my total support and know-how, and the sales of this invention around the world, with the appeal to be the only enterprise working with the inventor, will belong exclusively to the company.
    For an amateur and individual construction, I think the best way is knowing how to shape surfboard, it is the easiest way.
    To make it inflatable, the best is to use a PVC welding machine, it is really difficult to use glue.
  13. patiras
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    patiras Junior Member

    Bit late. Point 65 do something a bit similar in the kayak market, and will probably challenge you in the "worlds longest kayak record"; as far as I can see theirs or yours could be infinately long, just find the person with the deepest pockets? point 65 tequila

    The variety you have on your site is mind boggling; I know how long it takes to get just one craft, with all the flaws ironed out, to market. I wish you luck.

    I think the thing that may swamp you, is that it is trying to be everything to everyone. The scale of that marketing and development budget doesn't bear thinking about. How about trying to concentrate on just one sector to start with?

  14. gonzo
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    gonzo Senior Member

    The boat photos have been published and the boat has been used in public. It is no longer possible to get a patent for the invention.

  15. vapera
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    vapera Senior Member

    Hi Patiras, good questions!

    Tequila is a kayak divided in the middle (in my opinion is a fantastic idea), it is newer than my patent (which goes back to Oct 1997). My patent is not a kayak, it is a concept of a watercraft that can be understood as an "aquatic Lego". It consists in hydrodinamic floating watertight modules connected longwise by beam(s) and it can be propelled by paddle, pedal, oars, motor and sail (the sail system is another patent).

    The title of my patent as the world's longest watercraft is indubitable because the Tequila has a connection system that works like a drawer, it is made in the shape, it is made in plastic, and it is rigid. My invention has beam(s) (it is possible to make beams with all sorts of the best materials to resist the mechanical stress in torsion, flex and compression), and these beams can pivot between modules, like a snake spine. So it is possible to connect "infinite" people, it has no limit, because the structural stress is minimized and it can bend in any way. If you try this with Tequila, it will brake down, besides it won't be able to bend. They are not the same, but this does not reduce the qualities of the Tequila.

    The kayak Yakka of Bic, on the other hand, is a copy of my concept (including the design too) because it is made by modules connected by a beam, but it has a weak design, because I used that design not for being beautiful but because it was the best way to make enterprises understand and believe my idea. They patented that because the patentary system in Brazil is a bandit structure, and they are the biggest producer of sit-on-top and I am only an individual inventor.

    The variety of designs is only to show the possibilities of this invention. My first idea is to produce in cheap material, like EPS (Styrofoam, - and Frosh, a senior in the Boatdesign forum, suggested in my first topic to cover it like a bike helmet) or in PET (the best way, it is cheaper, easier and ecological). There is another method, but it is too much revolutionary!!! Imagine a PET watercraft that works like a Lego, and is cheap, light, really beautifull, like a jellyfish in all rainbow colors, transparent and almost indestructible!!! Besides, you can adapt a lot of propulsion systems. It is where I want to start with!!!

    Finally, what I propose in the site is a revolution in terms of watercraft, if you apply this idea in larger vessels, they will become much more maneuverable.

    It is a real revolution in water transportation!!!

    Hi Gonzo,

    My patent is from 1997, I only started to show it after 2004 because I waited for the definitive patent.

    The law of patents is clear, a patent is international, but the inventor has royalties rights only in countries that he deposited the patent. So everybody can make it, produce it and sell it in any place of the world, but not in Brazil. This is the reason that Bic can´t sell Yakka in Brazil. But, for example, Tequila can be sold here, because Tequila is not a copy of my invention.

    If any enterprise produces my patent and if it is not interested in the Brazilian market, I could try to imported to Brazil. And it is important to understand that Brazil is one of the BRICs, and has a potencial market of around 200 million people and a real market of around 50 million people, it is the 5th population of the world.
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