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    Gary Habersetzer Custom Composite Multihul

    It is a bit difficult, after looking at the great samples you sent, to know if you are able to be on the same wave length as the client we have on the new , now an 80', motor sailer.

    This cat is a Stuart Bloomfield original design (75'). On our front page, Sasa started with his concept, but is now is to busy to continue. He had a good start in the shape lines he used, but we want to continue with another twist along the same lines. Sharp lines, modern, but not to Star wars or Euro. He also did the SASA 65' on our site is very acceptable, clean and draws a lot of attention, but is a power cat..

    Most the estimated prices that were submitted, were reasonable, but not having something sent to us along the lines of Catamarans, was a problem. Our past experience of sending money first, we found that most didn't get it, far out concepts not even close to what we were after were sent to us.

    If you would like to send a free sample of a simple drawing, maybe pencil or ? of what you think a profile of this cat might look like if you were to draw it. The sharp lines of the eye catching cars coming out now, are what we are after. We have other examples of cats this size, we can send, of what a cat this size might look like, to help get an idea of the width (40') and sail plan looks like.

    Once we choose a sample that most closely looks as though we might be on the right tract, that artist will be hired to continue as far as the client wants to go. This based on your per sketch prices, all the way up to a real looking, color, in the water concept.

    The last client spent several thousands on his cat, better there than with the designers, who don't seem to be very modern in their approach to today's clients.

    As we always do, the artist chosen, will be promoted on our site and the concept built .
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