New Concept for thru hulls, etc.

Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by SURRYEQUIP, Apr 13, 2007.

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    I was approached with the concept of putting all underwater gear, depth finder, knotmeter, thru hulls on a folding arm which would be faired into the hull when down and completely out of the water for service, no chance of leaking and no fouling etc. when not in use. Has it ever been done and what are the pros and cons as you see them.
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    I am not clear on what you are proposing. A sketch would be nice.

    Are you suggesting a configuration similar to a swing keel? Where you would need a trunk of some sort?
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    :confused: :confused: Where does the "arn" & all the gear go when the thing is folded?
    Also, read up on depth sounders some. Yhey don't like other "things" close to them. Turbulence, air bubbles and such play hell with clear readings.
    You MAY be talking about a sea chest. They work good on boats 30' or larger.
    Yeah, we need a sketch.:D
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