New collective of Ultime multihull teams

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    An interesting development is the recent formation of a collective of Ultime multihull owners. They are planning to organize races and pool resources to maximize the value for their sponsors and media exposure. The Banque Populaire, Macif and Sodebo teams are the foundation members of the new collective.

    Here is a rough bing translate of the article:


    Creation of collective Ultim

    Banque Populaire, Macif and Sodebo, owners of long-standing sailing, come together to create collective Ultim. Their goal: an 80-foot multihull races over 4 years program and more, to go to touch a large audience who dreams of even ultimate extreme adventures...

    With regard to their investment in sailing for many years, these three owners no longer have to demonstrate how the term commitments account for them. Their feedback, they share the same vision and believe today in the category of records hunters! So many parameters that have reconciled them since Banque Populaire, Macif and Sodebo, now wish to register in the same dynamic and congregate today to create the first collective of owners: the Ultim collective!

    By this approach, they confirm their willingness to innovate, take on new challenges and build a program of races, with the objective of an adventure around the world single-handed in a multihull and in fleet as early as 2017.

    This new association allows them to start a common history and also, represents a more pragmatic standpoint, the opportunity to reduce costs by pooling a number of costs, in terms of logistics and communication including.

    The collective is strength!

    The soul of the pioneers!
    Adventure around the world to share with the largest number... on these 80-foot multihull and more, such is the leitmotiv of this commitment. Shipowners are convinced; their sailors, Armel Le Cléac ' h, François Gabart, and Thomas Coville also. Together, they are ready to meet this new challenge and to empower. They hope to shine those eyes and those who hoped for a long time the implementation of this challenge and are now convince those who want to line up alongside them to swell the ranks.

    The Ultim Challenge, first edition from 2015 to 2018
    Collective Ultim itself aims to work in setting up a program on 4 years, called Challenge Ultim incorporating a round the world alone and at least an intermediate race, other years. The format required for these races would be the solo or double. Join the collective for a shipowner assumes that his boat is handy unattended electrical or hydraulic and can line up at least at the start of a race per year.

    Thierry Bouvard, head of the editorial programs and Sponsoring of Banque Populaire (right on the picture)

    "Banque Populaire is an actor involved in sailing for more than 25 years. We have always been favourable to that large vessels participate in races, and compete with each other in a spirit of competition and sharing of emotions. We are delighted to see today the forces Federated around collective Ultim for offer to the public of the high points of sailing, adventure human as we love them so much."

    Jean-Bernard Le Boucher, Program Director of Macif group offshore racing (2nd left on the picture)

    "The MACIF door values of solidarity, innovation, performance and sharing. These same values animate the shipowners who founded the collective Ultim. This is a chance for MACIF to engage in this ambitious program from 2015. Our goal is to collectively push the limits of the offshore racing solo, synonymous with adventure and emotions for a wide audience."

    Patricia Brochard, co-Chair of Sodebo (in the centre on the image)

    "Pioneer and adventurer spirit is still responsible for the success of enterprises which, as sailors, dare or dared to embark on audacious bets." The creation of collective Ultim was born of the desire of many owners of build together a project for new challenges and share it with a wide audience. Freedom to act to create our future drives us everyday."

    Armel Le Cléac ' h, skipper of Banque Populaire
    "I am pleased the dynamics that is being born, which will allow these great boats of confront and thus, we offer new adventures."

    François Gabart, skipper MACIF

    "This is a new challenge to grow our dreams and share them with the greatest number."

    Thomas Coville, Sodebo skipper

    "This collective dynamics is a unique opportunity to promote the fundamental conveyed by the Offshore Racing: freedom, commitment and sharing.""

    Shipowners and sailing

    About Banque Populaire

    In 2014, the Banque Populaire will celebrate the 25th anniversary of its commitment in the sail. The Bank of the sail is owner of multihull oceanic race since 1989, holder of the Jules Verne trophy and 7 other records in crew. Since 2004, she participated also in monohull in the Figaro circuit and since 2011 to the IMOCA circuit.

    Popular Bank accompanied by the Fédération Française de Voile since 2000 and the lovers of sailing through its support to clubs and sailing schools. Regional Banques Populaires, in proximity, multiplies this action by linking local partnerships with the leagues of sailing. In engaging with the France team until the Rio Olympic Games athletes, it continues its support for a 3rd Olympiad without interruption. By renewing their agreement with the Association Eric Tabarly, the Banques Populaires engaged for 3 additional years in the restoration and promotion of the Pen Duick, bringing to 12 the number of years of patronage of the fleet.

    About MACIF

    Macif solidarity sea is more than 40 years of solidarity actions by Macif in the maritime field. First insurer to propose a contract in France, Macif boating is one of the leaders in this area with nearly 66,000 contracts in 2012. It created in 1987, Macif sailing Centre, second French sailing school in living space approved by the French Sailing Federation, which welcomes every year nearly 2,000 trainees. Macif Prevention also supports the SNSM since more than 20 years and reverse him, each year, a portion of the contract boating assessments. Through its Directorate of social responsibility of the business (CSR) and its Foundation, the Macif group is involved in environmental activities such as preservation of the coastline or the EcoNav network support. Finally, he accompanies the project sports and human talent of the offshore racing with the Skipper Macif program on the Figaro Bénéteau II circuit and the program MACIF 60', on the IMOCA circuit. More info on

    About Sodebo

    The Association values strong and positive of the sail contributed to increase the notoriety of SODEBO while developing his image and his sympathy with its public capital, while bringing together the company's employees.

    Fifteen years of active cross sponsoring, on different media, have offered to SODEBO brand performance, innovative, friendly and supportive.
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