New Boatbuilding facility in Dubai seeking challenging projects.

Discussion in 'Services & Employment' started by Paul Fletcher, Jun 6, 2005.

  1. Paul Fletcher
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    Paul Fletcher Junior Member

    This article may be of interest to an established boat manufacturer or perhaps a yacht management company looking for professional services but with significantly reduced manufacturing costs.

    I am currently in the process of setting up a new facility in Dubai and would like this opportunity to offer a brief insight of our team and the type of work we will be conducting.

    -The overall management of this company will consist of qualified, European personnel offering sound advice,hands-on experience and extensive knowledge in all areas of motor/sailing yacht construction.

    -Our in-house designer will be able to provide conceptial through to accurate,final shopfloor drawings under direct instruction from the client.

    - From the drawing board to the final product, a project management team with 50 years combined experience in lofting,plugwork,mould-tooling and high quality final fit-out will no doubt ensure the client arguably the finest construction of any vessel in the U.A.E.

    - All our shopfloor manual workforce will be chosen by myself alone, specifically employed for their individual/ team skills and dexterity.These operatives will be well disciplined, adequately trained men predominantly from India,Sri Lanka and the Phillippines. In return for their commitment,reliabilty and dedication to our company we will ensure that they will be assigned clean,comfortable accommodation throughout their employment with good financial renumeration. A well treated workforce encourages high morale and combined with mutual respect always provides the company (and ultimately the client!), the finest results.

    - Our AIR-CONDITIONED,fully equipped facility will offer an excellent enviroment for the development and/or manufacture of vessels to the length of 80 ft.

    - Our manufacturing costs are guaranteed to be substantially less than many of our European-based counterparts.

    -This facility will become operational in 6 weeks time.

    So, if you are interested with our operation and would like to discuss a particular project or need more information about our individual backgrounds,etc please do not hesitate to contact me. I would be happy to discuss any project,in total confidence,that we may be able to assist you with now or in the future.

    Paul Fletcher
  2. mechatics
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    mechatics Junior Member

    may i have ur add of dubai

    dear sir,
    i am currently working as a production assistant-mech engineer in one of leading boat manufacturing company in U.A.E., further assistance and relation may i have your add and details of dubai.

    thank you
  3. glossdesign
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    glossdesign Arch.

    Dear Paul,
    even if you plan to have "in-house" designers and architects, I'd like to propose you our cooperation. Don't hesitate to contact me for informations

    Stefano Carugno
  4. Philippe LAFAGE
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    Philippe LAFAGE New Member

    Philippe from South f France

    Helleo Paul!
    I'm very interested by your proposition .
    My aim is to settle in Dubai .
    I've built fiberglass boats and directed a few employees.
    I'm now manager of a care and boat maintenance in the south of france
    and i wish to settle down in Dubai because of the great oportunity
    wich is The Palm projects .

    Respectfully yours
  5. Antipatiq
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    Antipatiq Mr. D

    Dear Paul,
    my name is John, and i've graduated ships and ocean engineering faculty. After studies i have worked as design engineer in the biggest shipyard from my country. I'm interessted in your proposal. If you think you have a place for me in your team please contact me at
  6. ErikG
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    ErikG Senior Member

    A word of advice...

    If you seriously want to show your interest to someone, make sure that they can contact you directly.
    They might not want to answer in a public forum. So make sure that you have your email and or phone number when you reply in any of these threads.

    Good luck all.
  7. Antipatiq
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    Antipatiq Mr. D

    contact details

    For evreyone it may concern!

    Eng Neagu Ionut Dragos
    Address: Romania, Constanta, str.Timonei, no.1, ap.10
    Phone: +40745518933
  8. Rick1961
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    Rick1961 Junior Member

    Interested in employment opportunity, email me @ or read my current posts seeking employment, myself being Rick1961. look forward to hearing from you soon! Rick
  9. S.E.A.
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    S.E.A. Junior Member

    skilled workers

    Hi Bill

    Why not introduce your team to Fadara Yacht in Malaysia. They are currently expanding and looking for skilled workers. Work visas between Malaysia and Thailand are easily processed. Contact the General Manager Mr S.F. Wong by email at or
  10. regatta
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    regatta New Member

    New design needs building facility

    Please send details of your new production facility as we have a new 54 foot yacht series waiting to be built.
  11. ars-technica
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    ars-technica Naval Architect

    Dear Paul,

    Let me have your portfolio and all service you are able to supply.

    We are working in Dubai with Nakheel and Istithmar group, and can help you in this way.
    Reply to


    Ing. Giovanni Sorrentino
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    RANCHI OTTO Naval Architect

    Dear Mr. P.Fletcher,

    please have a look on my web :

    If you have ineterst in ASD craft military or pleasure, please don't esitate to contact me

    thanking in advance,

    best regards,

    Otto RANCHI
  13. royalray
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    royalray Junior Member

  14. brian eiland
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    brian eiland Senior Member

    Are you still entertaining projects??

    Do you have any association with v1 ??

  15. ricknz
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    ricknz New Member

    Hi Paul Im Am A Boat Builder Who Resently Left Dubai And Very Keen To Get Back There Can You Help Me Out With Any Employment Thanks Rick
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