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Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by 2cylmerc, Dec 29, 2008.

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    I have a patent pending boat design and am looking for advise. It's a 10 footer 2 seater outboard called the Water Skimmer. See it on I plan to target the boat rental and leasure boating market. Can accomodate gas or electric outboard. Unsinkable with glass bottom feature.
    Now that the patent lawyer has given me the thumbs up to proceed, I'm looking for a boat builder to licence with.
    Any advise will be greatly appreciated. Do I get a mold made and try selling them on my own or should I partner with an existing boat manufacturer?
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  3. 2cylmerc
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    My boat will be around $3,500. It can use your grandpa's outboard. It will bring as big a smile for the user as a 37 footer. So I think the timing could not be better. It will be like a gocart on the water and can even accomodate 3 deep cycle batteries for a beefy electric and be completely green.
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    Interesting and a little crazy, this boat of yours. Crazy in a nice way, of course. I do not speak English most days, so I am sorry for the strange sound of my comments.


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    Hmm, wrote a caustic comment before I had a look at the video. I must admit the actual boat was a lot better looking than the drawn one.

    The film clip is headed
    "Notice how stable it is on this rough water, even when cornering"

    What rough water? It was a mill pond!. It never got over 5 knots, and hardly tested the cornering ability.

    Can you do a film where that shovel nose ploughs through a 2 foot wake for me?

    I would like to see that.
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