New Boat Porpoising

Discussion in 'Powerboats' started by wheelybin, Aug 7, 2011.

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    I'm glad you got a new boat with no operating problems. You can fix the few small stuff to your satisfaction but you could never fix the old hull. Some times a hull gets built caddywampus and no fix will work. You are a lucky man to get a new one that works as expected. I wonder how many clients got stuck with a sick hull. You did a fine job of complaining and demanding so enjoy your fine new boat for many years.
    Best to you, Stan PS CONGRATS,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,YOU WON BIG TIME...................
  2. tunnels

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    Arnt we losing sight of the origanal problem ?

    Are we surposed to feel sorry for you ?? ! the porposing problem is no more you have another boat and now we have shifted focus to his personal gripes . All boats are a personal thing you have what you wanted so do your own thing !! stop whining !!!
    Jesus i would be greatfull for the company doing a swap . They are right to cut the cord and let you swim ,otherwise they'll will never get rid of you !!
    You sure your not a pom ???? You sure sound like one !!! :eek::mad:

    You sound like a fat women trying to buy and fit into a dress two sizes to small for her !!
  3. Frosty

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    Are we losing sight of the original problem --looks like you are.

    They sell him a piece of crap boat, probably laughing down their sleeves pretending its Ok and says they cant fix it!!! yeah right. He tolerates not being able to use his 30,000 dollar boat as they play around (actually discussing how they can get rid of this crap) he then gives them more money to upgrade to another engine, (only hours is what theve used). Then like spoilt little girls they cut the work at the very end becaue it looks like this guy will get a good boat when they sold him a crap one. So they get the floor sweeper to fit the guages and fk it all up to save 50 dollars labour.

    And you say what?

    Tunnels --what company do you work for?
  4. Mr Efficiency
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    Ya reckon this wheelybin is full of rubbish ? :D Sounds to me as if he wasn't a profitable customer for them, he obviously had a valid gripe at the beginning, but this is becoming a bit like Peyton Place.
  5. tunnels

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    Tunnels --what company do you work for?

    There are times when you just have to hitch up you pants and say bye bye to the lady because you cant get rid of them !! Some customers end up camped on your door step forever and a day .
    Laid a beautiful plank hard wood floor in a house a while back when we were finished this lady went on and on about glue marks every where she said . so gave her a packet of dots to put where the glue was surposed to be so next time we went there 3 spot on the floor so removed them and this went on for a month ! so i said ever so politely stick it where the sun dont shine lady and we walked away ,every one on the renovation job got the same treatment!!
    Poms they were, straight off the plane .
    No amount of money is worth the continuall hassle !
    This boat thng is one of those jobs !!
    Dosent matter where i work frosty my answer would still be the same .
    If you keep hitting your finger for long enough eventually you will move you hand !!:confused:
  6. Frosty

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    I was service manager for Reanult for the UAE--entire-- If I had a customer with a gripe I fixed it --it was my job--thats what Renault paid me for. If I could not handle it my training was wrong and I would be replaced --not the customer.

    I would replace an engine if necessary or even rip into a new car to get the part I needed now today.

    I would sit with them and discus the problem. If there was not a problem I would prove and replicate it with another vehicle . The customer is always right.
  7. Joakim
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    Well to me this sounds very normal to me. If you are not able to make a planing boat to porpoise, it has wrong COG! The optimum for (almost) all planing boats is just at the limit of porpoising and a well set up boat should porpoise when you trim the propeller shaft above horizontal.

    Why should you be able to trim all the way without porpoising? I know there are boats like that, but they are all slow, since they ride with too long waterline.

    There are also boats that have COG too close to stern (due to too heavy engine etc. or design error) , but it is much more common to have COG too far away from stern.
  8. troy2000
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    If the porpoising on his old boat had been normal, his new boat would also be doing it. And it doesn't.

    Both the dealer and the manufacturer agreed there was something wrong with the old boat. That is so settled that I see no point in going back and questioning the fact.
  9. Frosty

    Frosty Previous Member

    Well said,--
  10. Submarine Tom

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    Customer service has little to do with fact and more to do with perception.

  11. Joakim
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    Joakim Senior Member

    I think this is false logic. The fact that the new boat does not porpoise at all does not make the old one abnormal. More likely it means that the new one does not reach its full potential.

    Maybe the boat was not normal or maybe the dealer and/or the manufacturer just wanted to be kind to a customer. I don't know. I'm just saying that a boat porpoising while trimming is not abnormal.
  12. troy2000
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    Again, I don't see why you're even arguing this. It's a settled issue. Do I have to break out the 'beating a dead horse' .jpg again?:confused:

    His original complaint wasn't that he could make the boat porpoise; obviously you can do that with most of them if you mishandle them. His complaint was that it did it under conditions when it shouldn't.
  13. wheelybin
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    Hi every Body,

    Firstly, l have sent the Haines Group chairman, a e-mail to say thank you for the new boat.

    Just to let you know, l Went out again, this time with my wife and son on board, With the (2) add people on board, the COG changed, the boat started to duck and roll badly, As l went through the wash from a wake boat (l angled the boat, to go through the wash on the about the right angle about the the same speed) the first wake wave lifted the front of boat, we come down hard, compared to the other day, with similar water conditions l went through the wake waves the same way, it just cut strait through, no lift no big bang, l then got my son (@ 68 kg) to sit up front and it changed again for the better, but not as good as it was when l was by my self on the water.

    All so l got it to porpoise @ 4400 rpm, when l trimmed the motor to far, but the other day when by my self, l trimmed it out of the water with no porpoising.

    also at the lower planning speeds when my son moved from port to starboard the boat swayed consistently each way, each time he moved to a side the boat dropped about 150mm each go.
    Boat width 2.1 mtrs


    PS: l am not bitching here, just trying to get idea's and information from more notables people, So as to fix these issues that l have.

  14. tunnels

    tunnels Previous Member

    How much boating have you done ?? :confused:
    You sound like a real green horn !! an absolute newbie !! :(
    Was the other boat you had the first ?? :confused:
    You badly need to get lots of seat time by yourself and with others in the boat !! ,when you have others in the boat keep your speed down .
    Does every one have and wear proper fitting life jackets while on board ?? .
    If you are the skipper it is your sole responcability to see everyone has one with no exceptions including youself and they are worn at all times and dont up properly .
    Do you carry or drink Alchohol when you are boating ??
    When wake riding you dont really want anyone in the front of a small boat specially at speed it could broach and throw someone out of the boat into the water and get runover . Broaching is exstremely dangerous !!.
    Loading a small boat is critical and people moving around in a small boat while under way is real worry !!, the whole weight shift thing if you are not used to it is a little un-nerving !!
    If it didnt porpose with just one person , then its the trim you are not been taking into consideration!!, setting up and the placement of tanks and extra weight to balance and twidling with the power trim buttom is just going to get you into another kind of trouble specially if you dont know what the hell you are doing !!
    Im sure you are a pom ! i had a friend just like you straight from England he was a menice in a boat , and behind the wheel it was safer to jump out and run for it . !!!

  15. Frosty

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    Ha ha--- I gotta agree there wheely bin you seem very very inexperienced. Its normal for a smal boat to get stuck in a wake in a quite frightening manner.

    Its so obvious to us that we wouldnt mention it but overtaking another boat is tricky. You need to get out and get some time.

    Never let some one sit on the bow unless its a day boat,--- sigh--(open bow)

    Your propellor would likely kill emmediately. Would you put some one on the front of your car and drive down the higway.

    Its very possible you will have a very serious accident towing your kids on a tube and all thats involved. I dare'nt say anymore I dont want to encorage anything.

    Join a ski club or something.
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