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Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by stuteeblue, Jan 11, 2009.

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    stuteeblue New Member

    Hi...I am new on here but an experienced strip plank & stich/tape builder.I need a desiner or design programme as I want to develop a 16' or so strip plank canoe style fast(ish) river launch powered by a Min Kota electric outboard.Looking to build with a narrow beam (say 30-32") and a low etted area but as stable as a canadian canoe...kind of in the style of the African river launches/canoes...anyone can do this or offer advice?...there is a real shortage of light electric boats in the UK for reservoir/lake/river use so will be good to dvelop this area
  2. robherc
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    hmmm, if you want it to be "very stable" have you considered building 1 or 2 outriggers? Theyr'e the easiest way to add stability without sacrificing speed, and small ones can always be lifted out of the way for close-in work. ;)

    I don't have much experience with canoe design, but if you'd like I could draw you up some patterns...if nobody else wants to field this one. :)
  3. PAR
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    Nothing that Minn Kota offers will get you any real speed. Yes, you'll need a designer for this set of convoluted concessions in compromise, as the issues will be interesting to say the least and will require considerable expertise to sort out.

  4. Fanie
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    Fanie Fanie

    I had a canoe that was 1m wide and 5m long, indian type canoe, slightly larger than your dimensions. I won't recomend the african hollow tree stump though made by a person that has an ave IQ of 60, unless you have oval trees there :D

    Speed is a relative, as Par says you won't get real speed out of it.

    What is everyone fiddling with such small boats for ? Why don't you look at something similar to a hobie cat's hulls, same or better speed from your min cota and if you make it 1m500 or wider you could have a bit of stability too.
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