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Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by TheChillPrince, May 19, 2016.

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    Hi guys,i have little experience with boats and no experience with boat building what so ever but I just ordered my first set of boat plans, A Glen-L 13' Sissy Do along with the Boatbuilding with Plywood book, How to Fiberglass a Boat book & dvd and Build it yourself the Glen-L way manual.

    I am very excited but i have 22 days to wait for that stuff to get here, Until then I have a couple questions I would like to try and get answered.

    so to my questions, After watching the Glen-L YouTube video about what a set of plans consisted of I am wondering, What is the best way to trace the plans onto the wood, Do i take a measuring tape and something that messures angles and do every line individually ? Do i cut them out with scissor's and trace them that way? I really don't know.

    I am currently Making a list of all the tools i will need and will purchases them while i wait for the plans and reading material to get here, I am unsure of which tools i will need. I know i need something to cut the wood, Would you recommend this? saw If not, What should i get?

    I also know I need clamps, But i dont know their specific names or how many i will need, Or any other tool i may need, Should i buy a nail gun? your help would be wonderful.


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    This says the plans come with full size patterns which you could trace right on the wood. Suggestion: don't do any work at all until you've read and studied the material you've ordered. Take it easy and have fun!
    Good Luck
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