New antifoul discovery - 100% effective AND green

Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by brian eiland, May 16, 2009.

  1. Boston

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    if they can find a way to capture anti-mater
    they can find a way to make a barnacle go away
  2. Dave Gudeman
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    The conclusion is not supported by the premise. Just because some creatures (such as humans) show avoidance reactions to certain sounds does not suggest that all creatures do. And if they do, it might be only for sounds that are so loud that they cost too much in energy to be practical or that they cause structural damage or that the intensity level becomes painful for people.

    I doubt that either is true. In my experience, unsourced anecdotes about inventors who suffered scorn and ridicule from their peers and then were vindicated by history are mostly either exaggerated or entirely fabricated. Especially when those unsourced anecdotes come from someone who believes in decades-long conspiracies of corporate heavies, government agents and hundreds of university academics.
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    masalai masalai

    guy who invented the toilet - - some Greek or Indian about 5000 years ago... - - 3250BC in the Indus Valley Civilisation (The origins of the Tamil Civilisation)... Prof Mathivanan...)
  4. Boston

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    a brief history of crap ( with references )

    now must I really go and detail the historical acceptance or lack thereof of moving the "outhouse" indoors

    if anyone's interested in unsupported undocumented fabrications please read the above quote
  5. Dave Gudeman
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    Dave Gudeman Senior Member

    That does not support your statement. The person who invented the toilet was long dead and no longer around to be scorned and ridiculed in 1924. Furthermore, we don't know what these "leading medical authorities" actually said or exactly what they were criticizing. All you have given us is a second-hand account of some doctor who once (long after the toilet was accepted technology) worried about the health effects of the toilet and made some inflammatory remarks aimed at the anonymous inventor.

    If the only think you meant by your remarks was to pick out two random technologies and say that someone at some time has criticized that technology, then this can hardly be disputed (or interesting). There is no human practice at all that someone at some time has not criticized.

    You are right. I was confusing you with Mr. Frosty. I apologize for the error.
  6. Frosty

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    David ,--can I suggest that when you say "you' then it becomes open. No one knows for sure who you mean. It is better if you use the quote facility then we know what you are talking about.

    Your input is valued and accuracy is all important as you seem to be upset at others inaccuracy.

    This forum is basically a bunch of boating guys, some threads are tongue in cheek, im sure that soon you will recognize them as what they are.

    Some member demand staunch faced accuracy in the briefest possible form. You will soon recognize those too after a while.

    However you look at it no one here should be stood against the wall for inaccuracies as you seem to expect.

    A little clue would have been that the conversation was about a toilet.
  7. Dave Gudeman
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    Dave Gudeman Senior Member

    Sorry, Frosty, I'm not usually humor-impaired, but I don't know you and there are a number of people on this forum who seem to be serious cranks.

    I don't, by the way, automatically classify someone who has hopes for untra-sonic pest control as a crank. The evidence is against it, but the idea is not as outlandish as, for example, perpetual motion.

    I do, however, have something of a pet peeve about cranks making up stories about historic geniuses being scorned. The implication, of course, is that the crank in question is a new Edison or Einstein. It is not only the casualness with truth that annoys me, it is the hubris.

    The only person I've ever known in that category is myself.
  8. troy2000
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    As a hardcore gun owner and collector, I used to believe gun forums were populated by the most opinionated and stubborn people on the internet. But I'd have to say I owe them an apology. Since I started wandering around this place, I've decided gun nuts are just amateurs....for really hardheaded and opinionated people, you just can't beat boat owners, designers and builders.:D

    I'm not complaining; I happen to enjoy the give-and-take I've found all over It's an incredible learning experience. As someone else commented, sometimes I feel like I'm under the table, listening to the grownups talk.
  9. Boston

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    Dave your going to be sorely disappointed if your expecting folks to be all that serious all the time in this thing.

    one thing you had no way of knowing is that your talking to the inventor of "teem" toilet paper

    ya go ahead and just picture that for a minute

    maybe while you go check on the sources previously mentioned ( my most humble apologies if they were not up to standard as "first" sources )

    what team toilet paper is was an attempt to get the various football leagues to authorize there logos for use on toilet paper.
    that way you could throw it at the game when your team won or scored or whatever or wipe your *** with your favorite team
    whatever suet's your fancy I guess just as long as you paid a premium for it is all I cared about
    can you imagine what the Superbowl would look like if they sold that stuff at the games
    the foot ball leagues refused to authorize it ( at least for me ) saying it would be thrown at the field of play
    bought ten years after that and someone payed them enough to convince them otherwise. Although they dont allow the stuff in the stadium.
    one more good idea down the drain so to speak

    thing is I got a pretty good grip on history and in this country at least things like sears roebuck catalog were the accepted norm in TP for so long the idea of buying paper specifically and only to throw away was not all that well accepted at first.

    if you want each and every little thing documented
    go to the global warming page and be prepared to loose your mind
    and be continually ridiculed and randomly insulted for exposing the agnotism
    now thats a travesty of misinformation and industry lies if there ever was one
    oh by the way
    they have some industry reps over there that will fill you so full of **** your eyeballs will be floating
    if your on the side of reason science and sanity your in for a treat
    if your on the side of the energy industry your going to be singing Kumbaya in no time
    either way the level of documentation, presentations of detrended graphs as being visual representatives without noting there detrended nature, use of industry generated phony science and endless quotes from industry Pr firm publications. should amuse you no end.
    I sertainly got a good laugh out of it.
  10. masalai
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    masalai masalai

    Hey Boston you forgot "Global economics... WTF, and you also pass judgement there and not a word of promotion, go stand in the corner and sing 3 verses (UNDER YOUR BREATH) of Kumbaya in ancient Latin... :D:D:D:D

    Who changed the topic to toilets? - I have a little "porta-potti" for sale.... - just slightly used...

    Apart from picking my nose and complaining about your spelling and failure to promote the "best" threads, a nice and welcoming post - pat yourself on the back Boston:D:D:D:D

    See I did say the tone and mood has changed to one that is more conciliatory and open to others views... and I maintain that I was correct (for a change)
  11. Boston

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    sorry I was on the "crapper"

    change the subject
    we were after all talking about anti-foul weren't we

    besides Im pretty sure some folks in here are clearly doing there thinkin while firmly planted on the Lou anyway

    the invention thats just waiting to hit the market is the black water holding tank breeder gas production anti-fouling bubble release system. ( just thought of it actually ) takes a methane producing bacteria and seeds the holding tank with it then has a preasure release valve that bubbles excess gas under the hull, my bet is that pelagic barnacles dont like methane

    what do you think
    should I move the idea over to the economics page and see about promotin it round the world

    something tells me we would have the bar tender laughing her *** off should we ever actually meet up for a few pints
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  12. masalai
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    masalai masalai

    seems like a good idea...
  13. Frosty

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    Teflon-- the non stick coating that frying pans use!!! its not my idea its been tried put they cant make a paint apparently.

    I understand teflon has to be applied with some heat treatment involved, hardly suitable then!!

    Copper bot- copper coat what ever they call it now after numerous bankruptcies and name swops still remains the best from my experience of seeing all kinds of anti fouling in a marina environment.

    Trouble is in my opinion it is basically copper powder mixed into an epoxy binder/ carrier. This brings a new meaning to hard anti foul.

    Personally I use an ablative over a hard and of different colours, a tip I was given by hardy sailors and it is a wonderful idea.

    A couple of coats of hard red followed by ablative black. The just top up the black. I also add about 5% of TBT into the paint as well. if you go more than 10% it gets glutinous and the roller wont roll it just slides until it gets tacky and then you dont get a good finish, so 5% is tops

    This is of course on top of a good multi layer series of appropriate primers of the manufacturer of you choice. All are good as long as you stick to one manufacture all the way. Hempel Jotun etc etc.

    Booked to haul in a Thailand ship yard mid January, 2,5 year since last haul.
  14. brian eiland
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  15. pamarine
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    pamarine Marine Electrician

    Interlux makes a couple of PTFE coatings.

    TBT is illegal in several countries, and will probably continue to show up in new-clean water laws elsewhere. So while it is a better anti-foul than copper, for many of us it's not an option.
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