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    I am buying a boat this week and am checking to see what all I will need as for safety for myself and family. What are the regulations? I am fishing the Texas waters from Texas City. I am buying a 2002 IMP 22'. Our first boat since we all like to fish so I figured and also getting a nice deal on it. I know I need life jackets but other than that Im not sure. I would like to have fun out fishing not having to to worry about the coast guard nor the game wardon messing with us. Thank you all in advance for any Information you all can share.
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    Coast Guard Auxiliary

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    The Coast Guard Auxiliary is an all-volunteer association of people dedicated to boating safety. I'm sure there's a chapter near you. They'll be happy to send you information, talk with you on the phone, and even send an inspector out to go over your new boat. They also offer basic seamanship and boating safety courses.
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