New amphibius.

Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by wavepropulsion, Jan 2, 2015.

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    Sorry, I didn't know how to share this video other than copying the facebook link. So if somebody can copy only the video it is very wellcomed.
    We know cars with the capabilty to be used for a while as a motor launch was commercialy built, but I didn't know other than overcraft boats able to be used in land.
    I wonder if this can become practical for a new generation of campercruisiers, but obviously is not for backyard builders.
  2. kerosene
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    The bosts look surprisingly able, both on land and water.
  3. Squidly-Diddly
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    last I heard the land hydrolic driven wheels had very short range/duty cycle. (now I just heard they fixed that and have 'unlimited run time' on land

    not sure why, there are hydrolic driven rough terrian fork lifts (Gradall) that will run 24/7.
  4. WestVanHan
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    That has to be $100k..
  5. wavepropulsion
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    wavepropulsion Pirate Member

    How they feed it? Is electric?
  6. rwatson
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    The on land limitation was only the cooling (air) system for the motor. They must use a new arrangement now
  7. jakeeeef
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    If I remember rightly, the Honda 10 hp four stroke engine that powers the hydraulic pump and hence the land wheels and the mechanisms to raise and lower them used to overheat when used for more than a few minutes. It was an aircooled motor mounted inside a boat hull so unsurprising really.

    They also changed from 2 to 3 wheel drive a few years ago to help on loose surfaces.

    Even with the 'Extended run time' (ie., they have fixed the overheating problem), they still have the issue that they only go at a brisk walking pace on land. I guess they will never be able to improve greatly on this land speed as it is a very high c of g vehicle with only 3 wheels, so any more than walking pace capability and customers would be able to roll them over too easily. I guess that's why they weren't initially bothered that they overheated after half an hour on land; they knew that nobody in their right mind would use it for going very far on land at walking pace.

    In the range of amphibians available, these do fulfil a definitely useful role in some parts of the world. Such as beach patrol scenarios in areas of low tidal range and shallow entry. When the sea is never far away the slow land speed is not an issue. However if the tide has gone out half a mile away from your lifeboat station, your Navy base etc, there is a massive effect on response times with that terribly slow land speed. So in these scenarios they tend to use hovercraft (which have their own limitations of noise and poor seakeeping in storm conditions).

    I confidently predict that in the next couple of years a new type of amphibious rescue and fast response vehicle will emerge onto the market and it will hammer Sealegs on land speed, offroad ability and price while roughly equalling it in on-water ability. It will also destroy hovercraft in the high wind scenarios, and steep/ rough/ rocky launch scenarios where hovercraft really come unstuck.

  8. wavepropulsion
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    wavepropulsion Pirate Member

    As I see also helps to solve some problems and comes to simplify in marinas that have a ramp and a dry dock, avoiding the use of trailers and winches.
    Can be of help in river cruising too.
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